VFX - A Growing Market For Freelancers!!

Are you a cinema lover? Have you watched Arnold’s Terminator, Life of Pi, Avengers,

Harry Potter, Bahubali part 1 and 2 or RRR? If, yes then it means you are ready to enter this field of creativity that requires hell lot of enthusiasm and perseverance. 

The rising trend in digitalization and the increasing popularity in OTT platforms has increased the appetite for consumers for high quality content. Thereby leading to a huge requirement of talented manpower to work on the same. This has opened up the gates for animators and VFX artists to find authentic and high paying projects as freelancers both in India and abroad. 

VFX is not confined to superheroes or sci-fi movies anymore. Its everywhere now From movies to ads and even in serials for e.g., look at VFX effects in serials like Mahadev, Naagin to name a few.

With the knowledge of relevant software, creative mind and few engineering Skills you will be able to make it big in your career in VFX. Use your artistic mind to transform raw footage into a masterpiece.

Well, if you want to be your own boss and like working at flexible hours then VFX Freelancing is for you. India and Indians with their skill are seen as a potential talent pool for the industry across the world. 

What makes VFX exciting?

It is exciting today because of the increased number of International studios collaborating with many VFX artists thus creating huge number of employment opportunities across the world.

In fact, Founder and Creative Director of Eeksaurus, Mr Suresh Eriyat believes that collaboration is a welcome trend for the industry. There were approximately 17 VFX companies and many freelance VFX artist who worked together for the smashing blockbuster Bahubali !! 

According to a recent research employment of multimedia artists and animators is projected to grow 14 % from 2016 to 2026, quicker than the average for all occupations thus making VFX as a lucrative career option. 

There are seven specific key positions that are available to VFX professionals in India like Roto artist, Digital paint artist, Layout artist, Compositing artist, Lighting artist, Rendering artist, Matte paint artist and last but not the least Matchmove artist.

To be a part of this ever evolving and growing VFX world, which promises a bunch of bright career options for you. Fresh minds and concepts would always get a warm welcome from your clients. Young minds can have more innovative ways to get the job done channel their energy to beat the potential competition thus making it big.  

Conclusion being that VFX is giving wide growth opportunities to freelancers and some clients offer long-term association too. Time and effort is all you need to prove your potential.

Is it a Good Option for Freshers?

Now coming to the money part honey! As a fresher, you can expect to earn around Rs.15, 000-20,000 and once you start having adequate experience, anything from a lakh to a couple of lakhs and more is yours for the asking. Freelancers are paid more since they work on contract-based jobs.

It’s no real surprise that VFX freelancing is the future with work from home continuing post covid as well. All over the world more and more companies are using different business models, different structures of working day and finding out to get the most out of people.

Many people are working remotely than ever before and more freelancers are available than ever before, within a short span of time freelancing is becoming the norm and building teams of freelancers resulting in problem solving completes projects. In other words, VFX freelancers are cashing in their talent.

Freelancing is no longer considered as a part-time job but has become the preferred choice of working for professionals in different fields. The perks of working as a freelancer has become a luring factor for many professionals to ditch their monotonous 9 to 5 job to work as freelancers. No more conforming corporates, so what are you waiting for??

There are many websites that boast of unlimited freelancing work opportunities like www.guru.com, www.truelancer.com, www.freelancer.in, www.animationsutra.com etc.

Final piece of advice, well this is a competitive industry and demand exceeds than supply so stand out by showing your willingness to learn. Choosing right Institute to boost up your skills will be goal changer in your career.

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1. Is there a demand for VFX artists?
- Yes, there is a demand for VFX artists in the entertainment industry, including film, television, gaming, and advertising.

2. How much do VFX freelancers make?
- VFX freelancer earnings can vary widely based on experience, skills, project complexity, and location. Skilled VFX freelancers can earn competitive rates, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars per day or project.

3. Is there a future in VFX?
- Yes, there is definitely a future in VFX. The visual effects industry is constantly evolving and growing, and the demand for skilled VFX professionals is high. VFX is used in a wide range of industries, including film, television, gaming, advertising, and architecture.