If you're a beginner and just starting out your creative journey, our Star Series tablet is a perfect fit for you. Offering good features at pocket friendly prices, our Star Series tablets are loved by budding artists and educators across the globe.


Our Star Series Graphic Tablets are a great choice if you’re a beginner and are looking for a graphic tablet at affordable rates. We have tablets ranging from Rs 2999 to Rs 5399 in our Star Series and you can order the one that suits your specifications and budget.

For example if you’re looking for a pen tablet with android support go for Star G640S but if you need a wide working area, check out Star 03 and if you just need a simple tablet to start out, Star G640 and Star G430S are a good choice.

Yes, our Star Series is the best when it comes to affordable graphic tablets. You can check Star G640S, Star G640, Star G960 and Star G430S for pen tablets below 5000.

All our pen tablets work extremely well for online teaching but if you’re on a tight budget, our Star Series will serve your purpose. If you’re looking for a graphic tablet with android support check Star G640S and if wide working area then Star 03. If you’d like both these features and budget isn’t a constraint, check our Deco 01 V2 in Deco Series.

The Pen tablet Star G640 comes with features like 8192 levels of pressure along with battery free stylus and in pen tablet Star G640S pen tablet in addition to these features, they also support Android phones and tablets and come with 6 shortcut keys that make the workflow smoother.

XP-Pen Star Series Tablets are compatible with both MacOS (Version 10.8.x and above) and Windows (10 / 8 / 7 / Vista). Star G640S is also compatible with Android version 6.0 and above. All our tablets are compatible with majorly all the designer software such as Photoshop®, SAI®, Painter®, Illustrator®, etc as well as online teaching software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx etc

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