Everything You Want To Know About Career In VFX Industry

Movies and cartoons have seen a drastic change over the past few years. From using handmade and creative props to using the green screen and visual effects for creating dramatic effects.

VFX have given the cinema a makeover - a reality that is not earthly possible yet looks real.

This is the charm of VFX, they can create realities that defy physics and can’t be created in reality, for instance, a fantasy world or a bomb blast. 

VFX is one of the fastest-growing industries all around the world. Graphics designers are heading towards 3D animations and modelling rapidly. Keeping this in mind, companies like Adobe have launched many VFX software and applications.

On the other hand, to support the working of this software, XP-Pen provides you with many graphic tablets and pen tablet options. After all, making a career in VFX would require you to unlock your full potential. 

The industry is surging at a great speed and offers comprehensive opportunities. Scroll down this blog to find all the details you will need to pave a pathway in the industry. 

What Are The Roles & Responsibilities Of A VFX Artist?

A VFX artist is a person responsible for creating visual effects. VFX artists are not just limited to movie cinema, there are many industries that have VFX as their key services.

For instance, a gaming company is majorly dependent on these visual effects, cinema as well is heavily dependent on newly developed technologies like VFX and CGI.

Apart from this, VFX is used by modellers, texture artists, Previsualist etc. Visual Effects or VFX is treated as a broad umbrella term for different studios. These responsibilities include, 

  • Creating animations and visual effects through computer-based applications. 
  • Artists also focus on creating CGI characters. 
  • Trouble shooting the issues during visual creation and animations. 
  • Creating a storyboard to follow a systematic path of the storyline. 
  • Adhering to deadlines and meeting production needs. 

Career Opportunities in VFX Industry

From the massive international development in the film industry to the locally developed production management department, VFX has proved to be a mainstream work.

VFX is curated as an art of combining different CG (computer-generated) sequences and further added to the storyline with technical and artistic skills. 

To pursue VFX as a career option an individual must master a wide range of skills from programming to technicalities and artistic approaches. Having a career in VFX is surely rewarding and provides creative satisfaction to the younger minds looking for such job opportunities.

Careers in VFX can be listed as,

  • VFX Editor 
  • VFX Producer 
  • Concept Artists (VFX) 
  • Previsualization Artist or Previs 
  • VFX Supervisor 
  • Data Capture Technician
  • VFX Animator 
  • Texture Artists 
  • Layout Artists in VFX
  • Look Development Artists 
  • Computer Graphic Supervisor 
  • Lightening Artists of VFX
  • After Effects Technical Director
  • Compositing Supervisor 

Apart from these career options there is a chance of tremendous growth and opportunity in this professional path.

The visual effects are used in every industry, from Film & Drama TV to Games, Post Productions, Animation etc are the providers of such career options in CG and VFX. 

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Types of VFX artists 

1. Modellers

Modellers build the 3D items, people, and scenery to make a scenery or visual lively on screen. Because your projects will differ, you'll need to be able to model almost anything! Modellers require a great deal of flexibility and talent.

2. Riggers

The character's skeleton is constructed using a model by riggers so that it may be animated and moved on screen. You'll act as a liaison between the modeller and the animator, ensuring that the latter can provide realistically moving images based on the model.

3. Texture Artists

Once the models are created, texture artists apply different shaders to the mesh. This process is the primary structural build of any simple 3D model. It is a time consuming process where the artists use realistic images to develop the screen. You can use patience and skills to develop a realistic result and a work of art. 

4. Previsualist

Being a previsualist, you will create 3D animated versions of film storyboards. You need to know how to use 3D software to create the director’s vision. 

5. Concept Artists

Concept artists take a brief, prepared by the client or a supervisor, and turn that into something that can come alive on screen. They guide the rest of the pipeline artists as they create the movie. 

6. 3D Animator

At this stage, it is passed to the 3D animator who takes a character and object and makes it come alive! Because this is a hefty job, some studios spread out the types of animation across different roles like junior animators, assistant animators, stop motion animators and many more. 

Is VFX in Demand?

Nowadays, VFX artists are in high demand and continue to be as our world becomes increasingly digitised.

Most movies and television shows nowadays use VFX and this will increasingly continue to be the case. As well, VFX artists are needed now outside of the entertainment industry, in advertisements, various commercial companies, and more. 

With this in mind, VFX is a highly employable industry and it will continue to be for years to come. Now that it is the standard for visual effects to be used in many films, it will never go away. Rather, it will continue becoming more advanced and creative.

If you become a VFX artist, the opportunities where you can work will continue to grow. 

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1. Is VFX is a good career?
- VFX can be a good career for those with a passion for visual effects and a strong skill set in computer graphics and animation.

2. Are VFX jobs in demand?
- VFX jobs are often in demand, especially in the entertainment and film industry, as visual effects play a significant role in modern media.

3. What is the highest salary for VFX in India?
- The highest salary for VFX professionals in India can vary widely depending on experience and expertise but can reach several lakhs per month for senior roles in top studios or production houses.

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