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Beginners Guide To Digital Art

Over the years, digital painting or digital art has gained momentum. With many business organisations switching to the digital world, the demand for digital artists is increasing too. 

Do you want to establish a career in digital art?

Well, if you’re just starting off with digital art and have no idea how to begin, you should follow the different beginner’s guide to digital art. YouTube can be your #1 source of inspiration for a digital painting tutorial

Furthermore, you can browse on the internet to find out attractive digital art ideas for beginners. Comparatively, digital art is beginner-friendly and can suit your requirements.

If you have a limited budget but the desire to learn, you should learn how to draw digital art with a tablet. Well, the online digital tutorials can, however, guide you through. 

What is Digital Art?

Digital painting or digital art is a medium that allows everyone to create attractive artwork without messing up with paint and oils. You need to follow the same guidelines as basic or traditional painting to create digital art.

Moreover, digital art is elementary to learn. You can start with digital art for beginners for free to find the perfect design for yourself. 

In digital painting, as the name suggests, you need to paint digitally and not rely on paper or canvas to create attractive designs. Many businesses have been focusing on choosing digital logos.

So, if you start off the right way, you will establish a successful career in digital art. Furthermore, one of the significant benefits of digital art is that it is easy to learn. Moreover, digital art is fast as well and less messy.

Since you don’t have to work with physical colours, you can be assured that there won’t be much mess on the table. 

To get started with digital art, you need to learn how to draw digital art with tablet.

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What Tools Would You Need? 

Both software and hardware have an essential role in starting the best digital art. It would help if you focused on choosing one that can suit your needs.

Every hardware is different from the other, and so is the software. Hence, take a look at how you should choose the tools before beginning with digital art.

There are three types of digital tablets, and each of them has its own pros and cons.

- Graphic Tablets

These are indeed some of the most loved ones. If you are just starting out with digital learning art, you should consider choosing graphic Tablets over others. 

The graphic tablets are available in 2 choices : Stylus & Touch-pad.

A graphic tablet, along with a stylus, is indeed one of the best choices for beginner digital artists.

Digital tablets do not have a screen which is why they can mess up your design. Hence, you will need to connect graphic tablets to laptops or computers to visualise how your drawing comes out. 

- Display Tablets

Well, if you have a slightly higher budget, you should consider choosing display tablets.

The display tablets work the same way as graphic tablets, but they come with an in-built monitor. Since you can see what you’re drawing, you can be more confident about your learning procedure. 

- All-in-One Tablets

These are the most expensive tablets. One of the biggest advantages of these tablets is that you don’t have to attach them to the computer to see your drawings.

Furthermore, they are lightweight, making them one of the most portable devices. You need to carefully ensure that you use the stylus over the screens, especially when you’re using an Apple iPad.

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Now that you know about the hardware, you should be extremely careful about the software you choose.

The digital painting software can help to bring the impact. Some of the popular software that you can use to start with digital art include the following.

- Adobe Photoshop

If you want to get creative and acquire better designing skills, Adobe Photoshop is one of the best software. It is an extremely beneficial platform for painting and can help you cater to industry standards.

However, you will need to follow a digital painting tutorial, to begin with, Adobe Photoshop. 

- ProCreate

ProCreate has captured the digital painting market like a storm. It is one of the easiest software platforms to use.

However, there are some Photoshop features that you may not find in ProCreate, but with the help of existing features, you can create a beautiful drawing. 

- Krita

Unlike the previous two software, Krita is preferred by many beginner digital artists because it is free.

Indeed Krita is one of the best open-source alternatives of Adobe Photoshop. However, you wouldn’t find many tutorials related to digital painting in Krita. 

However, if you’re looking forward to establishing a professional career in digital painting, you will need to switch to Krita. 

How to Create Art?

When you start with the software and hardware tools, you need to understand how they work. No matter what platform you use to create the art, you need to start off with a blank document. 

You need to focus on a basic, rough background so that you find a practical design. However, before making changes to the current document, you need to create layers.

You can eventually create customised images by creating a rough sketch. It is necessary to understand the layers properly. 

Eventually, depending on your requirements, you can keep creating layers. Make sure that you overlay the layers properly. However, it would help if you refrained from overdoing it.

Furthermore, it is advisable to keep finishes for proper design. Next, make sure to save and export the design. If you have a huge file, you need to keep merging layers and save the files accordingly.

To get started, know these Digital Art Apps

Transition From Traditional To Digital

It is time that you switch from traditional to digital. You can consider creating transitions by modifying the sketches and then keep painting them over.

You can watch the tutorials to understand how you can turn your traditional design into digital. 

If not traditional, you can also choose to create digital designs. It is best to create digital doodles. Well, when you create custom designs, you can create a design that suits your designs.

Moreover, there is much software that will help you transition from traditional to digital.

What Are The Keyboard Shortcuts?

Knowing the keyboard shortcuts can also help you create digital art faster. 

Some of the prominent keyboard shortcuts that you should follow include the following

  • B - Selection of brush tool
  • E - Selection of eraser tool
  • Z - selection of Zoom tool
  • M - Selecting the Marquee tool
  • Ctrl/Cmd +T - selecting the free-transform tool


Blending colours is an essential part of creating digital art. Beginners eventually face problems while blending colours. It would help if you considered choosing the right tools in the software to create the perfect blend. 

Some of the prominent tools that can help you create an accurate blend include soft edge brush, mixed brush and smudge tool.

It is advisable to pay attention to small details and check if they help you achieve the effect you want. Make sure that you choose the colours accordingly and blend them accurately.

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1. How do beginners get into digital art?
- Beginners can start with digital art by getting a graphics tablet, downloading digital art software, and practicing regularly.

2. Is digital art easier than pencil?
- Whether digital art is easier than pencil art depends on personal preferences. Some find it more intuitive, while others prefer traditional methods

3. Can I do digital art on my phone?
- Yes, you can do digital art on your phone using specialized apps and a stylus or your finger for drawing and painting.


Digital tools can play an important role in improving the overall impact. If you’re just starting off with your digital career, you should focus on learning about the various tools. Kickstart your digital painting career today.

Also, if you are beginning with a career in Digital Art you should look after the Deco Series which are the best tablets for beginners.

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