Books About Digital Drawing You Should Read

"A room without books is like a body without a soul" - Marcus Tullius Cicer.

As people spend more time reading, they learn more and enhance their knowledge. Since everything is digital these days, people often forget to look to traditional mediums for learning, such as "reading books."

Books play a crucial role in enlightening you about digital artwork. Since it’s a digitally-driven world, have you ever imagined how to create some aesthetically appealing digital artwork?

Whether you're passionate about illustration, creating graphics for social media posts, storyboarding, web icons, banners, posters, or anything else, gaining adequate knowledge is a must for a new artist to get into the digital world.

With millions of books available in the market, choosing the right book to master the fundamentals of graphic designing might be daunting.

Thus, we have done the homework for you and have come up with the best digital drawing books to enlighten you.

Stride along with this blog till the end.

6 Best Digital Drawing Books You Must Read To Be An Excellent Designer

The digital art world is thriving with each passing day, and without knowing the gist of it, you might find yourself dangling in between.

Therefore, here is the list of the best digital drawing books that will aid you through every step of your journey to learning digital painting.

The Addictive Sketcher

Known to be the best digital sketchbook, The Addictive Sketcher is an enthusiast and practical guide to digital artwork.

This is the best book for every beginner as it depicts real-time scenarios and has a conversational tone. With this book, you can learn art concepts like perspective, composition, and annotated art, with simplified explanations of terms.

So, forget not to sketch the outside world using a graphic tablet?

Beginner's Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop

Wondering how to create a digital painting with Adobe Photoshop on a graphic tablet?

Whether you're a newbie or simply looking to enhance your skills, this book offers a complete introduction to the process of digital painting in Adobe Photoshop.

It provides insights on techniques, workflows, actionable tips, etc., to help you confidently build the digital painting.

The Ultimate Concept Art Career Guide

Planning to build a career in digital art? If yes, this digital sketch book is a must-read for you.

This book gives you a realistic look at the digital art industry, particularly for digital artists. Further, the book paints an honest picture of the digital art industry, including the ups and downs.

Counted among the best books for digital art, it's valuable for artists who want to build career in game development and CGI in the film industry.

Digital Painting Techniques: Practical Techniques of Digital Art Masters

A compilation of tutorials from 25 talented digital painters, this book helps you master the art of painting in the modern world.

Each artist brings new insights and skills to the table that are helpful for both; intermediate and advanced digital painters. Indeed, this book can make you a "master painter" if you want to learn from scratch.

Just learn and follow the techniques and steps mentioned in the book to create beautiful pieces of artwork.

Sketching From The Imagination: Characters

Want to master the art of anatomy and character design? If yes, get this digital sketch book right away.

Since character design is a massive part of digital art, this book is a wonderful introduction to it. Moreover, it is a visually stunning book that comes with helpful tips and creative insights.

Indeed, it is one of the best books for digital art that will inspire artists of all abilities. Once you're done gaining knowledge from this book, try some compelling digital masterpieces on a graphic tablet.

Colour and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter

This is a must-read book for you if you want to get real insights on colour and light in digital artwork.

In this book, you will learn the full theory of how lighting affects colour with examples. The good thing about this book is that it provides you with actionable insightss to make everything feel more approachable, making it one of the best digital drawing books to read.

So, give your artwork a little boost by learning essential concepts from this book and develop an alluring artwork with the best digital drawing tablet.


1. Which age is best for drawing?
- There's no specific age that's "best" for drawing. People of all ages can learn and enjoy drawing.

2. How can I practice digital drawing?
- You can practice digital drawing by getting a graphics tablet or stylus, using software like Adobe Photoshop or Procreate, and following online tutorials and courses.

3. Can I make digital art on my phone?
- Yes, you can make digital art on your phone using various apps designed for digital drawing and painting, such as Adobe Fresco, Autodesk SketchBook, or Procreate Pocket.

To conclude, digital drawing books are helpful in learning the concept of digital art and establishing you as a professional digital artist.

Whether you're a beginner or experienced, these are the must-read books to sharpen your skills in the art world. If you're planning to buy the best digital drawing tablet, look no further than XP-Pen.

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