Digital Design vs Graphic Design

In the present digital age, the terms digital design and graphic design are used interchangeably. But did you know there is a difference between digital design and graphic design?

In this article, we will help you learn everything about graphic design vs digital design.

Digital Design vs Graphic Design

People need to know that graphic design has been around for a much longer time as compared to digital format. Digital design has gained prominence with the growing importance of the digital revolution.

Graphic designers mostly work in traditional concepts like print, books, magazines, brochures, and other static design. But after the 90s, with the rise in the internet, graphic designers adapted themselves.

The basic design principles remain the same for digital designs and well as graphic designs. But there are particular clear distinctions between both these designs.

Let’s understand the central concept of digital design vs graphic design by knowing their definition, types, and examples.
Graphic Design Definition

When it comes to graphic design definition, it is a type of craft in which professionals curate different visual content types to communicate the message of a brand or business.

They use different visual hierarchy and page layout techniques to create innovative designs.

They use the logic of using different elements in designs so that the user experience can be optimized.

Graphic Design Examples and Types

Graphic design is an ancient art. But, it has also gone through a drastic change after the digital revolution.

Thus, it shifted its focus from a print medium to a digital medium. In this section, we will try to learn all about graphic design examples and types.

Some of the common types of graphic design include :

- Corporate design

This is a graphic design example that provides visual identity to a company, brand, or business.

Any type of visual element that makes up a brand’s identity is included in the corporate design.

For example, the logo of a brand is a graphic design example. Corporate design type of graphic design is used for brand marketing, and it is also helpful in communicating brand values through images, shapes, and colours.

- Marketing Design

This is another major example of graphic design. It is one of the most known types of graphic design.

This graphic design type includes social media graphics, magazine ads, billboards, brochures, and templates for email marketing.

- Publication Designs

The publication design is the traditional form of graphic design. With the rise in digitalization, it has taken the shape of digital publishing.

Publishing graphic designers have to work closely with editors, publishers, and magazine designers to ensure that proper layouts, typographies, and illustrations are used.

Some of the best examples of publication design include book designing, newspaper designing, magazines, and ebook designing.

- Environmental Design

Most often, people neglect this design. It is one of the best graphic design examples that use visual elements to connect people.

Some of the best environmental designs include architecture, traffic, events, spaces, and murals.

- Packaging Design

Every product that we buy comes up with a package. The package also includes some visual elements like stickers, wrapping paper, and labels. Packaging designers create these elements.

All packaging designers are well-equipped with current trends to provide a successful product package.

- Motion Design

Motion design is another subset of graphic design, or it is one of the best graphic design examples. Motion design is a type of design that includes graphics in motion.

Some of the best examples of motion design include animations, GIFs, video games, and website features. This is one of the latest trends in graphic design.

Digital Design Definition

When it comes to graphic design vs digital design, one of the most distinctive features is that graphic design lays focus on static designs.

On the other hand, digital design involves the use of movements like animations, interactive pages, 2D modelling, and 3D modelling.

The basic feature of digital design is that it involves the creation of images and elements that will be used on a screen. No matter if its a phone screen, computer screen, or the screen of any other digital devices.

The digital design also makes use of sound and audio to make the design much more interactive.

When it comes to digital design vs graphic design, the common thing that connects both these formats is the visual form of communication.

It is often related to an idea, image, or brand. In both design formats, the designer’s main aim is to provide communication and information to users about particular products and services offered by a brand.

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Digital Design Example and Types

Following are the best digital design examples and their types that are created by a digital graphic designer.

- Web Design

Web design is one of the most popular types of digital design. Today almost all types of business have their websites.

Each website has numerous pages that provide information about the products and services offered.

- Landing Page Design

Landing page design is a subset of website design. The page focuses on marketing goals.

The website of the business works as a central channel for business. On the other hand, a landing page is a single page created for a particular purpose. This page also includes a call to action.

- App Design

App design may seem like web page designing. But they perform different functions.

The app designing’s main function is shopping, scheduling, messaging, or playing videos or audios. Digital designers are only concerned with the aesthetic and visual part of the app.

They have nothing to do about the performance of the app. Most commonly, apps are used for mobile phones, tablets, and other digital devices.

- App Icon Design

App icons are the buttons that users press to launch an app. These designs work for advertisement as well as branding purpose.

Though the app icon is not directly related to digital designing, it is essential to get it designed so that it can look aesthetically pleasing to users.

- Infographic Design

Infographics are the designs in which data on a subject are presented by using engaging graphics.

The infographics can be either in the print medium or in the digital medium. The digital medium makes use of animation and motion.

Digital infographics are one of the best tools that can be used to create shareable content that can entertain and inform users.

- Email Design

Businesses use emails all over the world. But, in a world of growing reliability over emails, it is essential to design engaging emails.

Email designs can also be used for creating newsletters and marketing promotion emails. A good email design can help you to improve user’s retention.

- Banner Ads

Banner ads are small advertisements on websites. Thus, it is mainly used for brand advertising. They work similarly to billboards and print ads. But, they are mostly related to websites.


1. Is graphic design similar to digital design?
- Graphic design and digital design overlap but are not identical. Graphic design covers various mediums, while digital design focuses on digital platforms.

2. Is digital design better than graphic design?
- Neither is inherently better; they serve different purposes. Graphic design is essential for print media, while digital design is crucial for online and interactive content.

3. Can graphic designers do digital art?
- Yes, graphic designers can do digital art. Many graphic design skills, like layout and composition, translate well to digital art creation.


We hope this article will help you to get every little detail about digital design Vs Graphic design. No matter if you are a businessman or belong to the design field, this article will help you know every little detail about the design type.

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