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Pen_On_Paper_Feel - XPPen India

Pen on Paper Feel

Automatic line correction and intelligent anti-shake functions deliver a precise creative experience

Pressure_Sensitivity - XPPen India

8192 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity

Simple: Higher the sensitivity, Better the performance. And you’ve never tried anything like ours! 

Free_Software - XPPen India

Free Software

Get complimentary softwares to use with every XP-Pen tablet. Incredible value only for you!

Wide_Compatibility - XPPen India

Widely Compatible

Various XPPen graphic tablets are compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android & Linux.

Simple_Setup_742c716c-4f5a-4d17-a0e6-e611ee33de4e - XPPen India

Easy Setup

Free software driver is available for
download. It takes all of 2 minutes to set up!

PAN_India - XPPen India

Pan India Warranty

A replacement warranty is offered on all XPPen tablets purchased across India.

Works with apps you already love

Getting started is easy and workflows are integrated with where you are already working.

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What will you use XPPen Tablets for?

Digital Drawing

Digital Sketches, Illustrations, Animation ,Visual Effects, 3D Modeling

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Digital Designing

Graphic Design, Product Design, Fashion & Jewelry Design, Interior Design

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Digital Editing

Professional Image & Video Editing, Manipulation, Video & Motion Graphics

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Online Teaching & Meeting

Digitally Write, Draw, Annotate, Highlight, Doodle, Conduct Presentations

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Loved by a community of 1 million + Creative Professionals

I use Deco 01 to conduct classes virtually. Its large canvas gives more place to annotate, draw diagrams and write. Its 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity makes writing a very smooth experience. I would highly recommend trying out this product!

Navneet_-_Career_Point - XPPen India
Navneet Jangid
Video Production Head - Career Point

In my 25 Years of experience of art field I have used a lot of tools for sketching and painting and recently started using XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro which is best one I have used so far. It makes my job very easy. Thank You XP-PEN

Testimonial-2-1 - XPPen India
S. Sathish Babu
Senior Trainer Pre Production & 3D at Arena Animation, Jayanagar

I’ve been really impressed with not only the drawing tablets but also the lovely team over at XP Pen! I use the Deco Pro Medium and the Artist 13.3 Pro at my studio as well as at home. They’re really well made and efficient to use! Have had no problems so far, and for their respective price points, I must say that they are a step above the competition! I love what XP- Pen is doing here in India and look forward to what’s in store!

Derek_D_souza_1d3d6a2d-6c31-4ab4-a461-00a309590961 - XPPen India
Derek D’souza
Concept Artist, Designer & Illustrator

The Deco Mini 7 is a budget friendly graphic pen tablet with great features like 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, 5080 LPI resolution, 8 shortcut keys, and an ergonomic stylus pen. Its light weight makes it easy to carry. Definitely the best choice for online teaching, content writing, beginner digital artists and graphic designers. 

Chandan_Kumar - XPPen India
Chandan Kumar
Teacher & Youtuber

As an artist, I have used XP-Pen tablets across the Artist, Deco, and Star series for the past ~4 years. A wide assortment of products offer multiple options for choosing a tablet that is suitable for the job and budget. Shortcut keys, red dials etc. make the work simpler. I also like that they keep releasing new tablets with new features every now and then. My experience with them has always been amazing!

Testimonial-5-1 - XPPen India
Shubham Dogra
Professional Artist & Art Instructor

Deco 01 is great value for money because it has a huge writing area, excellent build quality, a good stylus, and programmable buttons. You can't go wrong if you want size, accuracy, and value all in one tablet. Would definitely recommend for online teaching.

Jimmy_Ahuja - XPPen India
Jimmy Ahuja
Director of Programs - Practically

I use the XP-Pen Artist 24 Pro for designing. Compared to other products in the market, it is exceptionally professional and affordable. Colour fidelity, pen pressure accuracy is good with smooth functioning - the tablet does what it promises. Overall happy with the purchase and hoping for many years of service out of it.

Sanjay_Deshpande_-_WNS - XPPen India
Sanjay Deshpande
Illustrator & Graphic Designer - WNS Global Services

The Deco 01 V2 is a wonderful tablet at an affordable price.I’ve been using it for 2+ years for creating educational content and to teach online. The writing is very smooth. The tablet also has a palm rejection function. The pressure sensitivity of the pen is very good and is helpful in making diagrams with precision. I will surely recommend this tablet.

Nidhi_Mishra - XPPen India
Dr. Nidhi Mishra
Educator & Content Creator

This is a great tool for new-age artists. XP-Pen Pro 15.6 is ideal for artists who work on mobile, web, and other mid to small platforms. It's compact, handy and easily portable. I carry it to my office and home almost every day without any problems. I have been using competitor tablets for many years and am accustomed to that level of touch sensitivity. I wanted a new drawing tablet which offered high performance but was also affordable. After trying many alternatives, I became a fan of XP- Pen products. The XP-Pen team got in touch with me, understood my requirements and suggested the right product for me. Keep it up XP-Pen Team and cheers.

Advait_Goregaonkar - XPPen India
Advait Goregaonkar
Creative Director - Gameshastra

 Having  used the wonderful  art deco pro earlier I was looking forward to using the artist 12 pen display 2nd gen.

I loved it. For the price you get the best of a display and a tablet.  The precision and the ease of a display and the portability and convenience of a tablet pen, it really helped me in doing drawovers on my artist's animation shots.  It also helped me immensely in making some 2d animation for shot planning. The resolution is great and the feel is very good. I quite enjoyed working on it and for the price it is a steal.

Madhur_Pole - XPPen India
Madhur Pole
Animation Director - Company3 Method studios

 I've been making & designing animation films for about 15 years. I always wanted to buy  screen tablets but competitor screen tablets were always costly. But recently I found & bought this 24 inches xp-pen tablet and I have to say that I am so happy I found this tablet. It is so smooth and easy to draw on. The pen sensitivity is great, and I could never get it the way I needed it to be on my previous tablets. I really like the buttons on both sides that you can customise and add shortcuts keys in it. It really is a wonderful tablet that I would recommend for beginners and professionals.

Milind_Nandanvar_-_Artha_Animation - XPPen India
Milind Nandanwar
Creative Director(Animation) - Artha Animation