XP Pen Launch 3 New Tablets In India

As the number  of graphic enthusiasts is increasing, the demand for digital graphic tablets is also sky-high.

Today, graphic tablets have become an “exceptional” way to give your creativity new dimensions. Digital drawing tablets have been around for a long time and have become quite prominent due to their advanced features, cost, and durability.

However, as technology advances, the increased demand is shifting towards more hi-tech graphic tablets. Considering this, XPPen has launched three innovative, affordable, and portable XPPen graphic tablets for all graphic enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a student, learner, professional artist, or graphic designer, the XPPen graphic tablet is a must-buy for almost all digital artists. You will become an XPPen artist with our newly launched graphic tablets.

Let us shed light on our three new graphic tablets below.

XP-Pen Is Here With 3 Stunning Tablets

Whether you’re a beginner starting your creative journey or an experienced graphic designer, XPPen is here with a series of newly launched extraordinary three graphic tablets.

The below-mentioned XPPen graphic tablets come with advanced features that too at affordable prices. Our star series t, deco series, deco pro series, and artist series tablets are much loved by budding artists and educators worldwide.

Let’s now talk about the three newly launched tablets below.

- Deco M / MW

The first newly launched XPPen tablet we have on the list is Deco M/ MW. It is an innovative drawing tablet with an X3 chip stylus.

This XP pen graphic design tablet comes from a Deco series that brings an immense leap to the stylus drawing experience with the new X3 chip. The tablet gives you a realistic feeling of traditional pen and paper.

With this XPPen deco, you can explore the computer graphics world with the X3 chip technology. Further, the tablet is equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection that frees you to create without the lamination of cables.

This way, you will be able to keep your creative workspace organised and give you the portability to use the device wherever you want to use it.

- Artist 10 2nd Gen

Are you looking for a tablet which is portable and easy to carry? Artist 10 2nd Gen is another remarkable XP pen graphic tablet you can buy for yourself.

The tablet comes with an X3 smart chip stylus that will spark more creativity in your hand. It is a sharp, stable, and precise graphic tablet. Further, it has no broken lines and causes no errors or lag.

This XP pen graphic tablet adds colours that are vividly brought to life with a brush. In addition, the Artist 10 2nd Gen XPPen graphic tablet comes with versatile shortcut keys.

You can customize these keys in your preferred software just to simplify your creation and empower your productivity.

- Artist 16 2nd Gen

Last but not least, Artist 16 2nd Gen is an advanced graphic design tablet integrated with the latest technology. This XPPen tablet comes with a matte eye-protective screen, which blocks light interference from the environment.

This way, it allows you to focus on creation without distractions. The screen and display are seamlessly laminated with a full lamination screen technology.

It ultimately helps in avoiding parallel errors between the stylus nib and cursor, which will allow you to preciously position every single one of your strokes.

Further, this is a multi-functional screen tablet that conveys multiple application uses. You can also extend the screen display and screen projection for multiple uses such as games, movies, entertainment, and creation.

XP-Pen - The Most Reliable Partner For Drawing Tablets

Are you planning to buy a graphic tablet that can fulfill all your requirements and needs?  XP Pen’s newly launched graphic tablets will be your best choice.

XPPen is a renowned company committed to making meaningful innovations to welcome artists into the digital era. We create tools using advanced technology to suit their preferences.

Being a prominent brand of digital graphics, we’re proud that users worldwide are using and appreciating our products.

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Get your dream digital graphic tablet from XPPen today.