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10 Tips To Make Productive Working From Home

Most businesses around the world have made remote work mandatory. Whether you’re a newbie, junior, or senior manager, you need to work from home due to the gush in Covid-19 or otherwise.

If you’ve been following the work-from-home schedule, you’ll have a good idea of what it seems to be. However, for some, it is their first time.

Even so, working at home presents several challenges. One of the most common issues is how to stay productive working from home.

Today, We will walk you through some strategies to stay active while working from home and achieve better results.

10 Ways to Increase Your Productivity While Working From Home

- Kick start your day

Choosing a time to sit down at your desk and start working or planning a schedule that leads you towards your goal are two different things.

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. the secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” – John C. Maxwell

Setting a routine for yourself can help you kick start your day as a routine consists of more power than a clock, but how? The answer is-

The morning routine benefits us to fix the habit for the day because it’s better enabling us to command our schedules rather than our schedule commanding us. With the new start of a day, we will focus more on what lies ahead, where our time can be prioritized, and finally boost our productivity.

Preparing a cup of coffee or tea before grabbing your to-do list on your tablet, mobile, or whatever else may be part of your morning routine, as may returning home after a jog. You can therefore return to the habit of initiating your workday.

- Pretend To Go To Office 

Even if you do not find anyone around you for the whole day, it is challenging to feel productive in your PJs. Some can feel like a perk staying in sweats. But for many, it can cause a feeling of laziness by the end of the workday.

Even if you have accomplished a lot at work, skipping dressing up will make you feel like your workday never really started.

Putting on clothes can help you in drawing a fine line between your work and your personal life. You do not need to wear your most accurate clothes, but wearing those you haven’t slept with will make you feel more optimal and productive at the end of the day.

If getting dressed in the morning is difficult for you, simply laying out your wardrobe the night before will help drive you to dress up.

- Dedicated Workplace

When you start doing your work from home, it seems fascinating to work from your bed, easy chair, or even your couch that makes you feel more comfortable.

But this can lead you to a downfall in your productivity towards your work. It is not a good idea to take a laptop from your bedside table and start working over in your bed with your pyjamas on.

Creating a dedicated workplace will benefit you by keeping the boundaries separating home and work life. One of the most valuable tips one can give you to work from home is to perpetually work from a steady room, chair, or desk.

It helps your brain to prepare yourself for doing work rather than relaxing. Doing this makes your brain habitual that your bed is for sleep, the couch is for relaxation, and the desk is only for work.

However, since not everyone has a separate space that will be used as a workspace; a desk or table and other peripherals that can only be used as a workplace can be dedicated.

- Separate Me Time & Work Time

Sparing enough time for yourself when you need to is just as vital as your professional life. Extending your workday at the risk of throbbing yourself out beyond your plans is not a good idea.

Keeping your time and work time separate will help you in staying productive. You should set your work hours in the same way to avoid any chaos or loss of productivity.

For instance, if you plan to spend an evening with your family, make it clear by communicating that you won’t be able to check emails after a specific time.

- Kill Social Media Temptation

Social media is primarily designed to be effortless to initiate and impress you immediately. Social media directly impacts your work, and it can also damage your productivity.

I believe that we all feel accused of this thing from time to time. If you are not attentive, then social media can be an enormous waste of time. And the rest of the time people consume in working or sleeping.

Besides that, several mobile apps will automatically reveal how much time you spend across each app. These things pique the attention of the person who spends their whole day on social media.

If you reduce the use of social media, it helps circumvent distractions so that you can easily focus on your work. If you prefer utilizing social media, then make it a practice to close the social media notifications in the daytime.

- Have Clear Communication

The essential key to working from home is lucid communication among your boss or manager and understanding accurately what they are awaiting from you.

If your targets for the day are already set, it is best to stick to it since you will know precisely what you are aiming for.

The first thing you have to do regularly in the morning is to report to your boss just like your daily report at your office.

In an office, you feel that communication with your colleagues is clear and smooth.

But when you are working at home, it is all out the shutter, and communication between the employees will crumble if you do not go to the office or do work from home.

- Lighten Up With Music

Listening to music is very beneficial for the employee while working efficiently because it increases the work from home potency. Play the preferred surrogate rock band, any instrumental bliss, or anything that holds you fruitful enough.

You need to make sure that it should not be sufficiently distracted, but your flow should be in sync. Besides, bear in mind that the volume level in the song is minimal, but it is obvious to listen clearly to a person. 

Picking a work-related playlist is different. Music can change your mood, and it promotes your work from home fecundity and ramming into its tract that lets you escape from other things except for your work.

- Have Goals For Day

When determining how to begin working from home successfully and efficiently, the specific infallible method to have a productivity increase is to start preparing your workday. When you begin working, you make sure that you grasp and know your preference during the day.

How long do you think it will take you to complete everything, and what will you do if you have extra time?

It would be helpful to get some minutes before going to bed to prepare a schedule for the following day. It seems that you sleep properly without any pressure of framing in the stern of your mind.

When creating a schedule, keep the following points in mind :

  • At the top, always prioritize the most important task
  • Plan according to your routine periods
  • Also, add rewards and breaks during the day

Hold Of The Latest Technology

Filching Wi-Fi of your acquaintances and binge-watching your favourite entertainment movies or shows on a 10-year-old laptop was fine in college.

Conversely, it might be time for an update, and you would need to invest in some of the latest and most useful gadgets if you want to be effective at home.

It doesn’t mean you need to invest huge money to buy something like Apple products. Instead of this, it is about knowing your needs to accomplish your work and picking out the best for yourself and your work.

Setting up a home office or workspace can require you to purchase technology, such as a tablet, desktop, or laptop, to do your job every day.

A high-performance router and a good quality graphic tablet, laptop, or desktop will save you from many technology nuisances.

- Set Up A Finish Time

At the same time, you should begin your day with a daily routine in the same way you build a manner that indicates the ending of the workday.

It means that you should log out from the business messaging app, and then do other things like an at-home yoga class or an evening dog walk. Switch off your tablet and turn your mind towards your favourite podcast.

No matter what you prefer, do it steadily to indicate the end of the working hours.

It is difficult to move your job from the workplace to your house, but with some manageable changes to your everyday schedule and time, you can find that you can have a productive workday.


1. How can I stay productive everyday?
- To stay productive every day, create a structured daily routine, prioritize tasks, and minimize distractions. Break tasks into smaller, manageable steps and set realistic goals.

2. How do I motivate myself to be productive?
- Motivate yourself to be productive by setting clear goals, rewarding accomplishments, staying organized, and finding intrinsic motivation in your work.

3. How can I be successful working from home?
- To be successful working from home, establish a dedicated workspace, maintain a routine, communicate effectively with colleagues, and set boundaries between work and personal life. Continuously improve time management and self-discipline skills.

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