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What Is A Graphic Tablet?

Are you considering quitting your mouse and supplanting it with a graphics tablet? Or have you ever been meddling around with your PC or laptop and wish that you might have a “pen” for writing or drawing? 

Graphic tablets are the best solutions for this that allow you to do the same that you desire. They are tools that mimic the characteristics of writing and drawing on paper with a pen, like a stylus.

Graphic tablets are available for everyone who used to work or design using conventional tools. And you couldn’t even imagine how much it would modify your workflow. Whether you’re a graphic designer, illustrator, teacher, doctor, or belong to any other profession, graphic tablets are admirably valuable tools.

But the question is, what is a graphic tablet? What are the uses of graphic tablets? And How do they even work?

If you are unaware of all these questions, read more to know about these excellent graphic tablets.

What Is A Graphics Tablet?

The graphics tablet is a hardware input device applied essentially by digital professionals, although several non-artists also use the graphic tablet.

The graphics tablet has a rigid plastic, touch-sensitive drawing exterior that fetches stylus or mouse actions to the screen. The position of the mouse or stylus is spontaneously related to the spot of the cursor on the monitor.

It takes a little time to get used to drawing on the tablet’s surface, but once you cross the teaching or learning curve, it is as realistic as applying a pencil or pen on the paper.

What Are the Uses of Graphics Tablets?

It is almost difficult to describe the use of graphic tablets in a single sentence since they are used instead of a mouse in various ways. They are a necessary tool adopted across a pile of multiple industries and artistic niches.

Graphic tablets use the human hand’s fluid motion and physical positioning to its most magnificent power. Utilizing a graphic tablet is as convenient and straightforward as using a pencil, pen, or airbrush.

We have mentioned some of the uses of graphic tablets in various areas around the world below-

- Illustrators, Animators, Photographers, & Graphic Designers

Since the beginning, animators and illustrators have been using graphic tablets for education & work, as they found using a graphic tablet to be very useful.

However, using a graphics tablet is absolutely a choice; but believe us, it’ll definitely make your life easier. Like animating can be a really time-consuming and repetitive process on most days.

From concept design to storyboarding to character development, a graphic tablet will help you to make the entire process smoother and faster. Many illustrators, animators, photographers & graphic designers move towards adopting tablets that help them to complete their projects faster and easier.

Using a graphic tablet allows designers a more consistent and natural way to draw and revise their work than just doing it with a mouse or a touchpad.

A graphic tablet with a screen will surely make your job much more enjoyable.

- Industrial Design, Architects & Engineers

In industrial design, architects & engineers spend hours in the head of computer screens to build that ideal design. This may increase the need for persuasive drawing devices with unique features to induce their visions to life.

The hardware and congenial software are steadily advancing. With the height of the list of new products, it is possible to discard your traditional screen and mouse and move entirely to a graphic tablet.

The one who does many illustrations, concept design, sketching, or rendering work might find a graphic tablet most useful.

They use graphic tablets because the use of a digital pen feels more natural to hold and work. This empowers them to create and design more smoothly and speedily.

- Medical & Healthcare

Since the graphic tablets were brought to the market, the medical & healthcare industry has visualized adopting them and holding these innovative technologies and features inherent to these devices.

As for medical & healthcare providers, intensifying the speed and capability of processes is essential for upgrading patient outcomes and decreasing costs. Doctors can quickly write prescriptions for the patients and orders with a few clicks and approve them directly on the screen.

Using a graphic tablet can speed up the processes of medical document management by digitizing and replacing paperwork. It also decreases the time, energy, and expense required for scanning, printing, archiving, processing, and recovering paper documents.

Using a graphic tablet can empower a familiar, convenient patient experience.

- Education & Training

Graphic tablets are effective and affordable teaching devices that combine the most beneficial characteristics of conventional and new teaching media.

It benefits to produce a regular, interactive lecture, just like a standard chalkboard that is more adaptable. These tablets enable tutors to hand-draw pictures, graphics, and diagrams to construct knowledge-rich content in a virtual learning classroom for an interactive learning atmosphere.

In today’s education system, teachers and educators start using graphic tablets, along with large-screen monitors or projection screens, to aid them in instruction and explaining procedures.

This works similar to the way a pointer is used. But rather than drawing a diagram over and over in each class, the teacher can quickly pick up the file and start demonstrating the topic, using the digital pen to intensify the description for the students.

- GIS Mapping & Control Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping and control systems use graphic tablets due to their ease to use and natural feel.

Geophysicists, civil engineers, and cartographers use these graphic tablets for creating graphics designs and maps because these tools help them select the coordinates or analyze data efficiently.

As graphic tablets do, moving menu sliders and other controllers more manageable and faster and holding the control centre updated with promptly available, ultra-modern data, emergency acknowledgement, and other control systems can be worked more cautiously and correctly.

- Business & Office

For businesses and offices, when it comes to examining new products, costs and time management acts as an essential component. Graphics tablets can be the best option for this purpose that helps in reducing costs and time throughout the office.

Various business people, such as sales professionals, use these graphic tablets for doing demonstrations or presentations of their products or services in the same way that teachers use them.

From diminishing extraneous paper consumption to advancing direct content design for easy note-taking, there are many uses of graphic tablets in businesses and offices.

These digital tools empower businesses to digitize their standard and in-person document workflows while maintaining that natural handwritten experience.

How Does A Graphics Tablet Work?

A graphics tablet is an optional electronic input device for computers, generally used by architects, engineers, artists, and others who want to correctly measure pictures.

It includes two main components, i.e., a flat, rectangular pad on which to pull and a stylus applied to locate shapes on the pad. The tablet manages drawing and painting software to create an extensive sort of technical and art photographs. Display tablets too are available where you can directly write or draw on the screen.

Depending on your requirement, you can choose the tablet

Tablet :

The most prominent area of the tablet is used for drawing and tracing that connects a point on the tablet’s surface with a puck or stylus that moves the cursor instantly to the point on the screen.

There are assignable spaces on the surface of the pad that you can consider as a unique function “key” when you touch an area amidst a stylus.

Interface :

Various graphics tablets utilize a Bluetooth connection, just like another wireless computer interface applied with trackpads, keyboards, mice, and different devices. Different tablets make use of the Universal Serial Bus that attaches to the device with a cable.

Stylus :

The stylus is a pen-like electric tool utilized at the time of sketching on the surface of a tablet. When you paint with a stylus on a tablet, then software on your device tracks your movements, creating a drawing on the screen.

On several tablets, you can utilize the tablet puck or cursor and a choice of a stylus. The stylus seems just similar to your pen/pencil and it seems like working on paper.

Software :

Graphics tablets operate together with the software on various devices. If you initially attach your tablet to the computer or any other device, then you open a Windows control panel on the device and configure the graphics tablet.

Further, the different software you utilize, like Adobe Illustrator, AutoDesk’s AutoCAD, or Corel’s Painter, should adjust the graphics tablet’s features and techniques and obtain reasonable control of the graphic tablet.

Pressure Sensitivity :

Few graphics tablets have a pressure-sensitive device that allows an artist to create nuances in a computer sketch.

By pressing harder on the stylus, the software can react by making a line more spacious or deeper, although other consequences are also possible. And this trait can simulate popular artistic ways, like airbrushing. All the XP-Pen Graphics tablets come with a pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels which is the best in class.



1. Who needs a graphic tablet?
- Graphic tablets are useful for artists, designers, and anyone who creates digital illustrations or graphics.

2. Is a graphic tablet good for beginners?
- A graphic tablet can be suitable for beginners, as it offers more precision and control than a mouse, but it depends on individual preferences and needs.

3. Is graphic tablet better than mouse?
- A graphic tablet is often considered better than a mouse for tasks requiring fine detail and drawing, but a mouse is still suitable for many everyday computer tasks.

Whether you need to draw, enter the design world, want to improve your video and animation abilities or enhance a note-taking pro, there are multiple methods to acquire art with a graphic tablet.

XP-PEN is a licensed and trustworthy supplier of pen display monitors, graphics tablets, stylus pens, etc. XP-Pen tablet maker team is bound to continuous modification to bring new techniques in the graphic tablets into the digital era with unique tools and technology to satisfy the specific requirements.

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