7 Tips For Getting Used To An XPPen Tablet

Thinking of buying a new graphic tablet? But not sure what is the right way of using a drawing tablet? Don't worry! Here is the guide to learning about the easiest ways of getting used to a drawing tablet. 

We understand that artistic things take time and learning digital drawing is very demanding. The best way to start using a pen tablet is to keep patience and read this guide until the very end. We have thoroughly explained the pressure sensitivity, curves and how the screen of a pen tablet works. 

XPPen provides a wide range of pen and drawing tablets that come along with a user manual and helps the artists easily express their authenticity through technology. 

How long does it take to learn to use a Pen Tablet?

Before we move to the tips of getting used to a pen tablet it is necessary to understand; what is the expected time duration to learn digital drawing on a tablet.

To be very straightforward, the right answer to this question is that you can learn using a pen tablet within 2-4 hours to 3-4 days. It depends on your learning skill and how interested you are in digital drawing or graphic design. 

Many beginners start with using a mouse to manage their stability and avoid any disconnection.

Because while using a pen tablet you have to draw and look at a different screen it could be a little tricky for the artist to get used to the hand to eye co-ordination.

As soon as you minimise the gap between the pen tablet and the screen you are looking at, it would get easier to learn within a limited time period. Also, if you want to learn to use a pen tablet easily, focus on these three points - 

  • Time 
  • Patience 
  • Practice 

This would help you get used to the pen tablet as soon as possible and you would be able to enhance your artistic skills as well. 

Easy tips for getting used to a Pen Tablet

When you are learning the tips for getting used to a pen tablet, it is better to understand that a mouse does not have any pressure sensitivity and it would not help you in learning the skill of a digital designer.

While the stylus or pen used along with the tablet is pressure-sensitive, you can use it according to the stroke you want to draw on the screen. Pen tablet from XPPen has a sleek stylus with 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Once you learn to use it precisely, the pen can help express every little detail you wish to draw. 

Points you must remember to get used to a pen tablet are :

- Keep your composure

The most important way of getting used to the pen tablet is to be comfortable with the way you are working on it.

Grab the pen in the most comfortable way possible and keep the tablet and display screen in your range for easy use. 

- Memorise the Shortcut Keys

A pen tablet has different shortcut keys on the edge. Tablets like Deco Pro provide eight responsible keys to enhance the working experience.

As soon as you are aware of the keys, you can increase your workflow. 

- Maintain the Alignment

It is essential to have an alignment between the pen tablet and the display screen. It would work great if you place the tablet parallel to the display.

In the beginning, it may take time to get used to this process, but with sufficient practice, you can master the art and conveniently draw on a tablet and look at the screen simultaneously.

Make sure not to change this positioning every now and then.

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- Get Familiar with the Tablet

You know, a pen tablet is an input device and it requires an output device to better display the work done.

Many tablets even have a touchpad and display screen, but a pen tablet requires another device to align. Before using the pen tablet you have to thoroughly understand the process and work accordingly.

Keep your hand comfortably on the screen, pretend it is a piece of paper and pen. This way the fear of using a pen tablet would diminish. 

- Learn & Unlearn

The best way to master the art is to acknowledge that you are about to learn something new.

Though learning is essential, you must also focus on unlearning the way you used to draw.

Be it on a paper pen, display tablet, computer screen or anything else. Learning new tools requires time and patience and this is required to get used to the working of a pen tablet instantly.    

- Try Something New

Trying something new on the tool you just got is very important. Before the pen tablet becomes your fear, it would be better to use it and do fun things like playing games, learning different art, etc.

You can make the most of this pen tablet and make yourself comfortable before you actually use it for digital drawing.

This input device is here to enhance your performance and let you draw your imagination, you must use it to the fullest. 

- Do Not Throw the User Manual

Every pen tablet or device you buy has a manual attached to it.

Read it carefully before using the device, as it would help you in making an alignment between two devices and would suggest the easiest way to use a stylus, shortcut keys etc. 



1. Are pen tablets hard to use?
- Pen tablets can be initially challenging to use, but they become easier with practice.

2. How long does it take to get used to pen tablet?
- The time it takes to get used to a pen tablet varies, but many users become comfortable within a few weeks of regular use.

3. Do you need a glove for a pen tablet?
- A glove is not necessary for a pen tablet, but some users choose to use one to reduce friction and smudging on the tablet's surface. It's a matter of personal preference.

If you are interested in learning digital drawing on a pen tablet, nothing is better than getting a well designed and technically advanced tablet from XPPen.

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