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5 Best Digital Illustration Softwares for Drawing Tablets

As an illustrator, graphic artist, or digital content developer, it helps when we have the right tools to work with.

However, when it comes to the right tools for visual painting and design, there are quite a few choices of illustration design Software for drawing tablets to choose from.

What is a Digital Illustration?

Digital illustration is a method of utilizing non-traditional methods of constructing an ART system. It takes advantage of current interactive tech systems or resources that are effective at creating one-of-a-kind multimedia presentations.

Typically, this is achieved with a device or tablet using software resources. This method involves your creativity and a few strokes of your hands using a mouse, stylus, or another portable gadget you might pick from.

There is a growing array of demands in the field of illustration design. To help you choose the right illustration software for you; we’ve rounded up and tested the best illustration software available today.

Gone are  the days when graphic designers used pen and paper to make their work. Many contemporary artists switch to digital platforms and use drawing tablets to help them create beautiful artwork with infinite customization choices.

Drawing tablets are better and more accurate, provide lots of customizable options, and can hold your designs forever.

If you have the expertise and the drawing tablet, the only thing you need to get started is a digital illustration Software.

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Illustration Design Software on Drawing Tablets

Drawing tablets are a must have  for designers all over the world. It’s changed the way artists produce artwork that sweeps the viewer away from their feet.

Because of this innovation, they can work with accuracy and efficiency. Drawing tablets have helped to ease the artist’s workflow and will continue to do so.

It has streamlined the whole artistic process, and as tablets begin to develop and enhance their versatility, creators will be able to discover new aspects of their potential and challenge themselves to become artistic out-of-the-box. 

Finding the best drawing tablet is not going to be enough to open your artistic shelves. You will also need the latest and the right tools to draw a tablet.

You may be asking which app is best available and which one is best for you. Then all you need to do is read the list of 5 best illustration software planned for you below.

- Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop has gained a reputation as the most preferred photo editing and illustration design software, which is easily understandable too.

With all the resources offered, apart from continuously adding new features regularly, Adobe Photoshop is also the most preferred digital illustration Software for illustrations designers.

That is one of the commonly used and recommended illustration software  for photo editing tools in the world. 

Photoshop has a variety of resources, from a simple text tool to a pencil tool to a range of various brushes, and can deliver everything you ever need to take your artwork to the next level.

You will experience quick and correct drawing know-how with Adobe Photoshop. You may have to make a little effort to understand the programme, but given the performance it can generate, making some effort to understand shouldn’t be a big deal.

From simple text and pencil tools to sophisticated textures and hundreds of brushes, Photoshop has everything you need in a digital painting app to produce next-level digital artwork.

The main features are :

  • Fresh brush features for drawing smoother lines and fast brush strokes
  • Smoothing modes.  
  • Seamless collaboration with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications
  • Share the artwork on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Feedback Hub, etc.)
  • An Enormous toolkit to build professional artwork.

- Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is one of the best illustration software and the most reliable vector graphics applications on the market. The software provides all the resources you need, from pen to gradient.

The Designer provides great speed and precision and helps you to view the screen at 60fps. It also supports zoom, so you can see and customise the smallest information.

With the aid of a precision pen tool, you will have a great deal of control over your curves, and the new wide range displays mean that your colour sticks out and is guaranteed to be eye-catching.

Affinity Designer has a lot of interchangeable live forms that can be used with various geometric designs that will form the elements of your concept. It also can turn to the pixel world.

This means that the vector and the pixel are operating together seamlessly. When you work with Affinity Designer, you work in a sensitive manner, where objects can be moved and scaled seamlessly with various devices.

The main features are :

  • Supports RGB, CMYK, LAB, and Grayscale (ICC colour control and 16-bit channel editing)
  • Compatible for PSD, SVG, EPS, PDF, FH and more.
  • Raster Graphic Toolkit.
  • A wide selection of layers, masks, and blend modes
  • A broad selection of brushes, pressure management and tilting (you can use it to create natural-looking drawing with your stylus)
  • Strong export mode (for picking regions, layers or objects to export)
  • Supports real-time editing of embedded documents
  • Supports outline, pixel, and split-screen view.

- Artweaver

With an amazing toolkit, Artweaver is a digital illustration software with feature-rich painting tool that covers all your art needs, from basic tasks to complicated designs, making it suitable for both beginners and pro users.

Artweaver provides a wide variety of predefined and highly configurable brushes  used to achieve pristine results every time.

The main features are :

  • Realistic brushes (a strong and highly configurable brush device that simulates several different brushes)
  • Pleasant, intuitive, customizable design
  • Simple to use and suitable for both novices and seasoned users.
  • Integrated methods for teamwork
  • Impressive toolkits with several layers and philtres

- ArtRage

Artrage is one of the most popular drawing tools and digital illustration software brought to the users by Ambient Design Ltd.

The drawing tool is compatible with mobile devices and desktop. Initially, Artrage was launched into the market as a hobbyist tool, but the popularity grew with time and it became more professional. 

One of the main benefits of using ArtRage is that the users can access several drawing techniques, thereby suiting the needs of beginner as well as expert artists.

ArtRage is one of the best platforms if you are looking forward to having compatibility with brushes, color palettes, easy-to-use interface and other artistic tools. It has an effective user interface. Furthermore, it is customizable that can allow you to easily locate. 

Another great feature of ArtRage is that it provides the option to view different areas of your main drawing independently so that you can easily color it.

Hence, with ArtRage you will get multiple opportunities to show your real talent. ArtRage is fun and easy to use. Even if you’re a doodler, you can always use this tool to boost your drawing capabilities. 

Also, if you’re using or planning to buy any XP-Pen Deco, Deco Pro or Artist Series Tablet, you get a free ArtRage subscription. 

The main features are :

  • Realistic painting tools allow you to create water colour, palette knives and oils.
  • Layering and Grouping
  • Easy to use
  • Several utility tools
  • Options for tracing and referring to images
  • Grids and guides to proceed with drawing. 

- Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is one of the best offerings of the Adobe package. Adobe Illustrator is very much similar to Adobe Photoshop.

This tool works using vectors. Vectors refer to scalable images that can be sized as per the artist’s convenience, to enhance clarity and resolution.

It is considered to be a standard tool in the graphic design industry. Adobe Illustrator can work off vectors as well. 

Illustrator would work just fine with you if you want to create flat images, scalable logos, professional graphics and even infographics. Adobe Illustrator is compatible on mobile and tablet devices.

You can easily use the tools, vector brushes and several text tools to get the perfect drawing. The tool also allows the users to use grids and guides for creating the perfect symmetry. 

Adobe Illustrator is one of the best digital illustration software for you if you are a professional graphics designer or visual content creator.

Vector selection can get confusing but once you know how to do it and get a hang of it, there is no looking back. 

The main features are :

  • Color synchronization to allow easy coloring across different platforms. 
  • CSS Extractor Tools.
  • Built-in design template with presets. 
  • Free Transformation Option. 
  • File Packaging. 
  • Customizable. 
  • Smart Grids and Guides. 
  • Dynamic symbols
  • Pixel-perfect design 

In this blog, we have summed up the 5 best digital illustrations Software for drawing tablets to help you find the best illustration design Software that meets your requirements.

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1. Is digital illustration easy?
- Digital illustration's ease depends on your artistic skills and dedication to learning digital tools.

2. Can I sell digital illustrations?
- Yes, you can sell digital illustrations through online platforms, art marketplaces, or freelance work.

3. How much do digital illustrators earn?
- Yes, you can sell digital illustrations through online platforms, art marketplaces, or freelance work.

In case you’re someone who works on Digital Illustration, and you’ll be using these softwares, Check out our range of Android Compatible Graphic Tablets and Best Display Tablets For Artists which are most chosen tablets by professional artists and designers. 

Do let us know if you’ve been using any softwares  that has worked for you in the comments section and we’d probably add it in our next article.

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