Best Drawing Tablets & Pen Display For Teenager Artists in 2023

Does your kid often draw doodles? Are they passionate about drawing and art? Why don't you then boost this passion with a digital drawing tablet?

It is said that artists develop their love for drawing and crafting from a very young age. And, if you have identified a young artist in your family, it's time to nurture this passion for something good. Luckily, today's artists live in an exciting time where graphics have taken off. Thanks to the internet, an art career is more attainable and accessible today than ever before.

As more and more arts are created and sold digitally, the market for digital drawing has expanded, and so has the scope of digital artists. Looking to give direction to your artistic kid, a drawing tablet or pen display tablet can be the right option.

Your teen can explore unlimited designing possibilities on drawing tablets while still getting the feel of drawing with paper and pencil. We have listed the best drawing tablets and pen display tablets for teenagers in this post. Whether your to-be Picasso is a beginner or ready for a level up, we have some serious stuff.

How To Pick The Right Drawing Tablet and Pen Display For Your Teen?

Different drawing and pen display tablets offer different features, making it even more complex to choose the right tablet. If you are in the market to purchase these tablets for the first time, we will make it easy for you.
Here are the must-have features that you should consider when purchasing drawing and pen display tablets for teens.

Size :

When looking for the best drawing tablet, you should always go for tablets that are at latest 6x4 inches or bigger. 10x6 inches is an ideal size. Small digital drawing tablets of 4 inches might look convenient, but they are absolutely not good for drawing purposes, especially for teens.

Battery-free pen : 

When looking for graphic tablets, you should ensure that they don't require a battery or charging for a pen or stylus. Battery-free pens are light in weight and are likely to have higher sensitivity and accuracy.

Display Or Non-Display : 

Here comes the essential part of the discussion. While it feels great to draw on digital drawing tablets with a display, it may not always be affordable. Tablets without a screen can also give an excellent experience. Furthermore, they are inexpensive and still allow the artists to create unique artworks.

Pressure Sensitivity : 

If you have been searching for the best tablet for artists for quite a long time, you might have come across this term. It refers to the level of pressure that a tablet can detect which means that if you apply more pressure, the lines will be thicker as against less amount of pressure. The higher the pressure sensitivity, the better it is. The industry best is 8192 levels and you should not settle for less.

Tilt Sensitivity :

Similar to pressure sensitivity, tilt sensitivity refers to the tablet's capability to detect the angle of the stylus. It can significantly affect the shape of your designs, so make sure it is of the right level. 

Now let's check out the best drawing tablets and pen display tablets we have shortlisted for you.

Top Drawing Tablets For Artists (10-19 Years)

If you are looking for a graphic drawing tablet for your kid, these are the less expensive options. You just need to connect with a computer or tablet. Your kid can simply draw on it, and it will show on the monitor in full colour. If you are looking for a graphic tablet for artists at the beginning or intermediate level, look at the below-mentioned drawing tablet.

Deco Pro MW

Certainly the best thing in XPPen's collection, Deco Pro MW comes with a range of exciting features to expand the creativity level of your Picasso to-be. It can be easily integrated with leading software and displays via Bluetooth.

  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Pen: PA1 battery-free stylus
  • Active Area: 11 "× 6"

Deco Mini 4 Anniversary Edition

Drawing will become fun and exciting with this super portable Deco mini 4. It features Fenix inspired stickers to give a boost to your kid's creativity. It is highly compatible with Windows 7 later and can be integrated with a range of graphic software as your kids grow.

  • Pen: battery-free stylus
  • Active Area: 101.6x76.2mm

Deco Mini 7W Wireless

Creativity comes at its best while going out for picnics or outings. So if portability is what you are looking for in your kid's drawing tablet, Deco Mini 7 is certainly the best drawing tablet. Your kid can easily enjoy drawing on it, and you can take it wherever you go.

  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Pen: battery-free stylus
  • Active Area: 177.8 x 111.1mm

Top Pen Display Tablets For Teen Artists

These are slightly more advanced than drawing tablets and have built-in monitors. That's why they are called pen displays. Your little artists can directly draw on its screen. Furthermore, these come in various sizes so you can choose conveniently as per your budget and requirements.

Artist 13.3 Pro

Portability is one of the essential features when searching for display tablets for teen artists and if that goes well with you, Artist 13.3 Pro is the best display tablet for your young artist. It comes with a 13.3-inch display and there is no need for an adapter to connect it to your computer. What makes it a great display tablet for teenagers is the versatility and compatibility which is just unmatchable.

  • Pen: battery-free stylus
  • Pen pressure: 8192 levels
  • Tilt sensitivity: 60 degrees

Artist 12 (2nd Generation)

There are many options when looking for graphic drawing tablets, but XPPen Artist 12 2nd generation has something amazing. A new generation means a new chapter that introduces
X3 smart chip and a wide colour gamut. So now imaginations would be colourful with its high-resolution display. Artist 12 (2nd Gen) will introduce your little artists to a whole new world of immersive visuals. 

  • Pen: battery-free stylus
  • Pen pressure: 8192 levels
  • Tilt sensitivity: 60 degrees

Artist Pro 16

Sketching, painting or designing, this brilliant pen drawing tablet allows creating your own designs beautifully. If you are looking for the best pen display tablet for kids aged 13-19, this is definitely the right pick.

  • Pen: battery-free stylus
  • Pen pressure: 8192 levels
  • Tilt sensitivity: 60 degrees

Which is the best pick to give your child's creativity a boost?

Let's keep the pricing apart because that might vary depending on the function and features of the drawing and pen display tablets.

If you want us to choose the best drawing tablet for an artist, Deco Mini 7W wireless and Artist 15.6 Pro are the best drawing tablets and pen displays, respectively. 

At XP Pen, we have a range of drawing and display tablets; you can have a look at the collection and make the right choice.

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1. Is drawing tablet easy?
- Using a drawing tablet can be easy for some, especially with practice and the right software.

2. Is it hard to draw on a tablet?
- Drawing on a tablet may be initially challenging for those new to digital art, but it becomes easier with time and experience.

3. Do drawing tablets need a computer?
- Yes, drawing tablets typically require a computer to connect to and run drawing software.