Comparison : Artist Pro 16 Vs Artist Pro 16TP

Neville Brody, a renowned art director, once said that a digital design is like a painting, except the paint never dries.It is as true as water on earth; graphic designers are painters, except their work is virtual. That’s what makes the process even more tedious but the result even more beautiful. 


Drawing tablets are additional accessories to computers that allow graphic designers to hand draw, animate, and paint graphics with help of a stylus pen. These tablets are necessary for the free flow of your creativity plus they give you the ease of digitising your ideas.

Over time drawing and graphic tablets have seen their fair share of trends. They now come with a touchscreen, hotkeys, stylus pens, drawing pens, and multiple built-in features. 

Confused about which is the best pick? This blog brings a detailed comparison based on features, specifications, and prices of two of the most trendy tablets – Artist Pro 16 and Artist PRO 16TP.

Comparison Between Artist Pro 16 and Artist Pro 16TP

Gone are the days when only abstracts and printing materials could be made digitally. With growing trends in technology, drawing and graphic tablets are not far behind. Artist Pro 16 and Artist Pro 16TP both are technologically advanced and multi-feature graphic tablets.

Where Artist Pro 16 has a 15.4-inch active area, Artist Pro 16TP has a 15.6-inch active area. Both are flabbergasting innovations of XP-Pen, yet have few distinguishing features.

Crumbled between which one to choose? Well then, move on to the next segment to find out which is better in what terms and which tablet will fit your tablet.

We reached this comparison after thorough testing and research analysis. Artist Pro 16 Vs Artist Pro 16TP – the comparison is made on the basis of their connectivity options, touch features, keys and prices.

- Connectivity

Both Artist Pro 16 and Artist Pro 16TP have connectivity portals. Pro 16 has a single port, whereas Pro 16TP has two USB-C ports. Since it has two ports, there are multiple ways in which you can connect Pro 16TP to your computer. The most common connectivity method for 16TP is connecting one USB port to power and another to PC.

As aforementioned, there are numerous ways like using 1 USB-C cable, to a computer with 1 USB-C port or using the 2-In-1 cable, and the other USB-C port to get power from the computer instead of the power adapter.

The case for Pro 16 is not the same, as it has only one port. There is only one way to connect it. You can use the three in one cable (comes in the box) to connect it to the computer and power. It is pretty clear that Artist Pro 16TP wins this round.

- Touch Features

Artist Pro 16TP has the multitouch feature. It eliminates the need for keys and dials. Quite close to the effects of the iPad (though not the same), you can also disable these features according to your comfortability. You can easily zoom in, zoom out, and rotate the canvas with this feature.

On the other hand, Artist Pro 16 doesn’t have touch features at all.

- Keys

This feature is more of a single-player race. Why? Simply because the Artist Pro 16TP has no hotkeys, i.e. you have to rely on touch features of the drawing and graphic tablet for functions like changing the stroke size of the brush, etc. While 16TP has no hotkeys, Artist Pro 16 has eight different hotkeys, plus two additional dials.

Regardless of how much we appreciate touch features, some functions are better and easier with keys or a hardware component. The keys and dials have various purposes and functionalities. Also, they make Artist Pro 16 a clear cut winner for this segment.

- Price

Now comes the most crucial factor of all – price! The cost of both these tablets is set according to the features and functionalities they provide. It is only evident that one will be pricier than the other – wondering which one?

Artist Pro 16 is available on the XP-Pen store for ₹48,799, while Artist Pro 16TP is available at ₹80,999. So, if you are not looking to make a big investment, Artist Pro 16 is the better option.

Artist Pro 16 Vs Artist Pro 16TP – Specifications

Artist Pro 16 and Artist Pro 16TP, both the display tablet have their own pros and cons. There is one way to easily weigh their pros and cons according to your needs. How? Take a look at their specifications mentioned below.

Every designer has different needs, sometimes, you need more functionalities, and at times, less is more.

Product Name Artist Pro 16 Artist Pro 16TP
Product Model ID160F-E MD160U
Dimensions 443.27 x 256.45 x 9mm 406.4 x 263.1 x 15.4mm
Display Area 340.99 x 191.81mm 345.6 x 194.4mm/13.6"x 7.6"
Display Resolution 1920 x 1080 3840 x 2160 (UHD)
Colour Gamut (typical) 99% Adobe RGB, 94% NTSC, 133% sRGB 92% Adobe RGB, 88% NTSC, 124% sRGB
Full Lamination Yes Yes>
Viewing Angle 178° 178°
Aspect Ratio 16:9 16:9
Stylus X3 Elite Plus PH2
Tilt 60° 60°
Resolution 5080 LPI 5080 LPI
Accuracy ±0.5mm (centre), ±1mm (corner) ±0.5mm (centre), ±1.5mm (corner)
Ports Included 1 x USB-C 2 x USB-C
Compatibility Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS X 10.10 (or later), Chrome OS 88 (or later), Linux Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS X 10.10 (or later), Chrome OS 88 (or later), Linux

And the Winner is

In Artist Pro series Both are the winners, Artist Pro 16 and Artist Pro 16TP have amazing functionalities. They both have an anti-glare screen, which means no reflection, but in the end, there is always a winner in the end.

So, if you take a look at the functionalities like compatibility, connectivity, and touch and multitouch features, Artist Pro 16TP is straight up the better option.

Whereas, if you take a look at the price, Artist Pro 16 is a better option. Plus, it also has hotkeys, which give a certain amount of relaxation and ease while working.

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