A Detailed Comparison Of Star 03 vs Deco 01 v2

Are you a budding fashion designer? Or is playing with colours just a hobby?

Either way, you need a perfect tool that enhances the artist in you, and using a mouse for minute details seems impossible. A graphic tablet can be the conventional tool you desire for.

A graphic tablet is a hardware device used by artists, graphic designers, illustrators, and digital professionals. You can consider it a digital drawing pad, where a stylus replaces your pencil, and a digital drawing pad replaces a paper sheet.

Using a graphic tablet is much easier than creating designs on a laptop or using a mouse. Drawing with a stylus feels natural, and many professional artists use high-quality graphic tablets to create their finest work.

XP Pen can be your ultimate tool if you wish to buy a graphic drawing tablet with a handy stylus that too at an affordable price.

Here we will talk about the two best selling graphic tablets and compare their working and features to figure out the best graphic tablet you should buy in 2022.

Comparing The Star 03 vs The Deco 01 V2 Graphic Tablet

When shopping for graphic tablets, it gets really difficult to figure out the best device that would relate to all your demands and suit the budget as well.
This is why  we have narrowed down a comparison between the bestselling XP

Pen graphic tablets, The Star 03 vs The Deco 01 V2. Scroll down to find a detailed comparison between these drawing tools.

We have also selected the better drawing tablet that is top in quality and is pocket friendly.

1. Connectivity

Talking about the connectivity feature in Star 03 and Deco 01 v2 drawing tablets, the device more compatible enough is Deco 01 v2.

It provides way better compatibility and connectivity with other devices and operating systems.

- Star 03

The device can easily connect with Windows 10 / 8 / 7 and Vista. It can be easily installed and used in MacOS 10.10 and above versions.

It works seamlessly with every major graphic application like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Flash, etc.

This makes the Star 03 drawing tablet perfect for graphic designing and digital illustrations.

- Deco 01 V2

Coming to Deco 01 v2, the device is compatible with Windows 7 / 8 / 10. Along with this, you can use it on MAC OS 10.10 and all the above versions.

It can be connected with Android 6.0 and above  and with Chrome OS. Other than this, you can use applications such as Zoom, WebEx, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams etc.

This makes it even more worthwhile for office meetings or joining classes.

2. Pressure Sensitivity

Both devices have excellent pressure sensitivity that allows you to create designs, make notes, finish class assignments and draw illustrations without putting any pressure on hands and devices.

- Star 03

It has a pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels, making  it the best device to create various  drawings and feel like drawing on paper and pen.

- Deco 01 v2

Deco also has a touch sensitivity of 8192 levels that helps write  notes while taking an online meeting and or drawing the assignment with accuracy and celebrating the creative output.

3. Shortcut Keys

The truth is both graphic tablets have the same number of shortcut keys, but the work and customisation may differ from model to model.

Keys in Deco 01 v2 have a round design that makes it more touch-friendly, reducing any blind spot making it smoother and more efficient to use.

- Star 03

There are eight shortcut keys in a star 03 drawing tablet. These keys are fully customisable, and you can use them for zoom in, zoom out, hand tool, changing brush size, etc. You can also run programs and open websites with these customisable keys.

- Deco 01 v2

The keys of a Deco 01 v2 are designed for both right and left-hand users. With eight customisable keys, you can conveniently change the work platform and select the keys for changing brush size and zoom.

4. Price

Price of a product can work as a game-changer. We have looked at some of the features of these graphic tablets, and the prices lie around the range of 5k to 7k.

The Star 03 costs INR 4,999, and the package includes 1 guide, 1 USB cable, 1 pen stand, 8 replacement nibs, 1 passive pen and 1 pen clipper.

Coming to Deco 01 v2, it is priced a little higher and costs up to INR 6,999. The contents in the package include 1 pen tablet, 1 USB cable, 1 USB to USB C type Adapter, 1 guide, 1 passive pen, 8 replacement pins, 1 USB to micro USB adapter, 1 pen stand, 1 protective film and 1 anti fouling drawing glove.

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Specifications Of The Star 03 vs The Deco 01 v2 Drawing Tablet

Star 03
Deco 01 V2
Active Area 
10 x 6 INCH
10*6.25 INCH
±0.01 Inch
±0.01 Inch
Passive Pen
Passive Pen
Report Rate
266 RPS
5080 LPI (Lines Per Inch)
5080 LPI (Lines Per Inch)


Conclusion : Round Off

Considering the specification, features, and price of the graphic tablets you can easily compare between the designing pads.

If you are looking for an all-rounder tablet, from taking online classes to creating designs, digital editing and creating illustrations Deco 01 v2 drawing tablet is the best option.

Whether you take online classes or work as a student, this graphic tablet would fit in your budget and have the compatibility to work along with smartphones and laptops as well.

If your budget is tight and you are not willing to spend much, Star 03 drawing tablet can be the ultimate choice.

XP Pen is also offering further discounts on these tablets which makes this a perfect time to buy a drawing tablet for you or your graphic designer friend.