Artist Display Series

XP-Pen Artist series Pen Display is the choice of professional artists and designers Create, inspire and increase your workflow

XPPen's Artist Display Series is the ultimate digital art solution for artists of all skill levels. Our artist display series offers a range of artist display monitors designed with the perfect balance of quality, features, and affordability.

With XPPen's Artist Display Series, we provide digital artists with precision and accuracy, ensuring that their art is of the highest quality. Our monitors come in different sizes to suit the needs of every artist, from beginners to professionals. Our monitors are the perfect digital art tool for creating detailed and intricate artwork with ease and accuracy.

Our battery-free styluses with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity are among the best in the industry. They allow artists to create detailed and intricate artwork with ease and accuracy. Our monitors also come with advanced features such as touch bars and express keys, allowing artists to customize their workflow and optimize their productivity.

At XPPen, we understand that digital artists need precise and accurate tools to create their art. Our monitors use advanced IPS display technology to ensure accurate and consistent color reproduction, perfect for professional digital artists who need their work to look the same across different screens and devices.

Join the community of digital artists who have experienced the power of XPPen's Artist Display Series. Create high-quality digital art with ease and precision with our top-quality artist display monitors.