Advantages Of Using A Display Tablet For Video Editing


Precision and close attention to detail are required for the time-consuming and demanding process of video editing. There are many benefits to using a display tablet for video editing makes it easier and speeds up the process.

The improved accuracy and control that a display tablet provides for video editing is one of the biggest advantages. Using a display tablet, you can perform exact swipes and selections without the help of a mouse or touchpad. When making tiny changes to specific frames or clips, this can be especially helpful.

Using a display tablet for video editing also makes it possible to work more comfortably for longer periods of time. Long periods of time spent in front of a computer screen are frequently required for video editing, which can be uncomfortable and stress on the eyes.

With your hands resting on a display tablet rather than on a mouse or touchpad, you can use it more comfortably. By reducing stress and fatigue, it becomes easier to work for long periods of time.

Several display tablets also feature programmable buttons and shortcuts that can be set to carry out particular actions or commands. Because you can quickly access frequently used tools and commands, this can speed up your workflow and save you time.

In addition, display tablets provide a more engaging and simple editing experience. You can work more naturally and make changes faster when you can see your work directly on the tablet's screen.

You also have the option to easily zoom in and out and make exact selections, which will help you achieve your goals more quickly.

Finally, using display tablets for video editing can help you create a finished product that is more polished and professional. Your film will appear its finest on any screen because of the improved accuracy and control they offer, which can also help you achieve more accurate colour correction and grading.


In conclusion, using a display tablet for video editing can provide several advantages that make the process easier and more efficient.

The increased accuracy and control, improved comfort, customizable buttons and shortcuts, immersive editing experience, and ability to achieve a more professional finished product are just some of the benefits that make a display tablet a valuable tool for any video editor.


1. Can you edit youtube videos on a tablet?
- Yes, you can edit YouTube videos on a tablet, but it may have limitations compared to a desktop or laptop.

2. What are the benefits of a display tablet?
- The benefits of a display tablet for graphic work include more precise control, better color accuracy, and a natural pen-on-screen feel.

3. Is a laptop or graphic tablet better for video editing?
- A laptop is generally better for video editing due to its processing power, dedicated software, and versatility, while a graphic tablet complements the editing process with precise input but doesn't replace the laptop.