India Film Project Festival Collaboration With XP-Pen

What is IFP or India Film Project?

India Film Project, since its birth in 2011, has been putting in efforts to build a community of content creators across the varying forms of art. They encourage enthusiasm and cheer the result.

IFP began with the 50-hour filmmaking challenge, one of a kind in Asia, wherein over 35,000 filmmakers come together in a selected weekend, and put in their best efforts to shoot, edit, and present their film.

The 50-hour filmmaking challenge is IFP’s cornerstone. Six years after its inception, IFP extended itself in other forms of art-mainly writing, designing, music, and storytelling.

It’s two-day content festival at Mumbai invites speakers from different fields of art like film, digital, literature, music, media, and initiates interesting conversations, AMAs, workshops, screenings More than 18,000 enthusiasts from over 60 cities attended IFP Season 9 at Mumbai in October 2019.

This year due to the Covid-19 situation, the festival is being held virtually but the IFP team is leaving no stone unturned to make it as engaging and exciting as offline. In fact this year it’ll be a 4 days event rather than 2 like the previous years.

XP-Pen with India Film Project

XP-Pen has partnered with the India Film Project festival and will also have a virtual-stall.

Our stall will have all our products that you can visit and enquire about virtually. We also have got on board Mounica Tata of Doodle-o-Drama to conduct an insightful and engaging webinar at the festival.

About The Workshop Powered By XP-Pen


What does it take to be a successful artist, illustrator and so much more? Mounica Tata tells her tales in this power-packed session by XP-Pen!

The vivacious and versatile Mounica Tata has worked as an editor, copywriter, and client executive, till she kickstarted her creative brainchild “DoodleoDrama”.

The ever-popular and innovative inventor of @doodleodrama is one of the most popular Indian illustrators on social media. Catch her being her exuberant self in a session powered by XP-Pen, titled, “An Introduction to Making Comics, Character and Expressions Drawings”.


What to expect at India Film Project Festival 2020

It’s a Four-day event and there are many well-known artists sharing their secrets for success. A lot of well-established artists spill their beans about their skills.

Some of them are Pankaj Tripathi, Stephen Standford, Andrew Jones, Mira Nair, RJ Nyssa, Srinivas Mohan, Kalpesh Revawala, Yahya Bootwala, Penn Masala, and many more. Let us see how the festival unfold as follow:

DAY 1 : The event will start at 5.15 pm on the 22nd of October 2020. It will be divided into three stages that consist of various amazing and entertaining topics like Design, Filmmakers, Wedding Filmmakers, and Editors.

DAY 2 : The event will begin at 5.15 pm on the 23rd of October 2020. On this day people from artistically knowledgeable genres like Ad-Filmmakers, Photographers, Singer-Songwriters, Music Producers will be engaging.

DAY 3 : The event will begin at 10.00 am on the 23rd of October 2020. On these days well-known Youtubers, Story-tellers, DOP’s/ Cinematographers, Writers, Illustrators, Sound Designers, and Music Composers will engage in various activities.

DAY 4 : The event will begin at 10.00 am on the 24th of October 2020. Podcasters, Lyricists, Screen-writers, Stand-up Comics, Actors, Producers, DJ’s will end the festival by showing us a glance in their world.

All in all, India Film Project Festival 2020 is going to be an amazing soul tickling event. That you will surely want to experience!

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