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How to Earn Money by Teaching Online

Teach online and earn money! It seems a very different concept at first. For teaching, we always have the image of sitting in a classroom with a strict teacher pointing with a stick at a blackboard.

But the arrival of new technologies, increased and relatively cheap internet connectivity and the launching and arrival of several quality online education organizations have changed this. We can access and enroll in the quality courses offered by reputed international universities at a fraction of the price.

This pandemic period has also forced us to change the way we learn. Every school and educational institution started online tutoring which had become necessary as there was no option of attending the classes by going physically to institutes and schools.

The online teaching sector is still at an initial stage and there are tremendous growth opportunities in this field. You earn and you ‘learn’ too as the adage says, by spreading knowledge you will gain more knowledge.

How To Teach Online?

To teach online and get paid the best and easiest possible way is to join online learning platforms like Skillshare, Udemy, Unacademy, Coursera, etc.

You can teach and train the students in a virtual environment. Choose the subjects of which you have good knowledge. You do not need to be a Ph.D. or a visiting professor on the subject.

You need to have a good grasp of the subject and the method of teaching which is easily understandable to the students. You can also use the assistive features provided by the online platform in case you need any help.

To teach by yourself without joining any online learning providers, you can also impart lessons through zoom meetings, google meet, and several other web tools which allow you to meet in a group virtually and teach.


How To Get Paid By Online Teaching ?

  • Live Teaching

There are several ways you get paid to teach online. The payment can be done monthly and even on a bi-monthly, weekly, or hourly basis. Global learning platforms will even pay you in foreign currency like dollars and euros.

You have to raise an invoice at the end of the month to get paid, and in some instances, the platforms will clock the number of hours you logged into the portal and pay you accordingly. A few portals will sign a contract and pay you on monthly basis too.

  • Pre- Recorded Courses

If you have created an educational course and uploaded it on pre-recorded educational sites like Udemy, you will get the fees paid by students to enroll in your course after the platform takes its cut.

  • Youtube Videos

In the case of Youtube, you can monetize your educational videos and get paid through advertising revenue.

The list is endless. The only requirement is that your courses should have value and benefit the students enrolled.

Tips To Teach Online Effectively

Before starting a tutoring gig online do follow the pointers provided below.

a. Be Knowledgeable :
Have proper knowledge of the subject which you will be teaching. Reputed online teaching sites in India test you before engaging with your services.

b. Keep An Eye For Details :
Discuss in detail the remuneration you would be getting for the tutoring jobs. Do not assume anything in advance. Always rely on hard facts and documentation.

Do read the terms and conditions as specified by the portals that would be employing you. Only then give your consent.

c. Work With Reputed Platforms :
There are many scammers present in this field. Some would ask for registration fees before you can start working for them. After paying the fees they will never contact you again.

There is a danger of data theft by scammers too. It is better to check beforehand the online education portals which you are planning to join.

d. Focus On Creating Good Course Material/Content :
Whether you’re working with a third-party platform or on your own, course content is something you should not compromise on. Try constantly to make your lectures/streams as interactive as possible.

e. Online Promotion :
If you’re just starting out with online teaching, it might take some promotion to get students on board, and to do that the best way is to promote via social media. Try posting clips and other informative content leading them to your course.

Why One Should Opt For Teaching Online?

Now that we have answered the ‘HOW’ part of your query, let’s move to the ‘WHY‘ part. Below are some of the reasons why you should be teaching online.

a. Flexibility to Teach

On online learning platforms, time is flexible. You may be a late riser or busy in the mornings, so you can opt for a time slot in the late afternoons or evenings. You can pick your own time to teach.

b. No Heavy Equipment Required

To get online teaching jobs for primary classes and even for other courses you do not need a heavy-duty recording studio or instruments.

The only requirement is a PC or laptop with good internet connectivity and a graphic tablet and you are ready to teach.

c. Work from Home

Online tutoring can be done from the comfort of your home. There is no need to physically go to a school or coaching center, or rent an office space to teach. This represents a nice and rewarding freelancing opportunity.

d. No Unnecessary Expenses

To teach online and earn money you do not need to burn a lot of money. You save the traveling expenses too.

There is no need for promotions or creating and distributing leaflets, banners, or renting a place. You can simply promote your lectures on social media and word of mouth too will take you a long way.

So all you need is good teaching ability paired with excellent knowledge of the subject chosen.

Requirements for Teaching Online



a. To teach online and earn money you need to have a PC or laptop with good internet connectivity.

b. Have a digital pen or stylus to pinpoint on screen. Having a graphic tablet is an added advantage that takes care of the majority of your needs.

c. A familiarization of assistive tools available on the internet, most of which are free. Use them only, if approved by the organization you are working with.

d. We cannot help ourselves repeating it, but a good and detailed knowledge of the subject that you would be teaching is an absolute necessity.

Online Teaching Sites in India

Several trusted educational platforms in India are always on the lookout for good teachers.

If you already have some teaching experience or excellent knowledge of the subject, you can apply and sign up for these portals. Some of the reputed websites working in this field are, Chegg,, and among many others.

For getting online teaching jobs for primary classes there are excellent platforms like Vedantu and


Online teaching not only helps you financially but also enriches you in other ways. Teaching online increases your knowledge, soft skills and widens your worldview.

Your tutoring and learning skills improve, you become easy-going and tolerant by interacting with a variety of students. At the end of the day, you are much more confident and surer of yourself.


1. Can I teach online using my phone?
- Yes, you can teach online using your phone. Many teaching platforms offer mobile apps for instructors to conduct classes and interact with students. But graphic tablets make things easier while teaching.

2. Which app is best for teaching online?
- Some popular apps for online teaching include Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and platforms like Udemy, Coursera, or Teachable, depending on your specific teaching needs.

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