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Top 10 Graphic Design Trends

This is the year of designs, ranging from graphic designs to illustrations and more. One of the best things about graphic design is there’s something new each year. Some of the common design trends include bold colors and brush fonts.

Following the right graphic trends can also have a significant impact on your marketing strategies. While these are working now, it will work well in the coming years too. 

Top Graphic Design Trends

The design trends that you should look forward to include the following

- 3D Design

Although the 3D design has been on the radar for quite a few years, you’ll certainly see a wide array of improvisations this year.

3D design trends are improving and becoming cool with each passing day. One of the best parts of graphic designs in 3D is that it opens a wide array of new possibilities. 

The coming-in of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality helps to boost performance and UI designs and apps. This also plays an important role in enhancing speed. 

The hyper-realistic visuals with blurred digital and physical backgrounds can have a huge impact. Even a minor design can take up the center page. The trending designers are adopting 3D designs with flat illustrations and photos. 

- Emoji Design

One of the best design trends to look forward to is emoji design. Emojis are one of the best pictograms that can add many emotions to your sites, statements, and printed media. Web designers are focusing on using emojis on their web pages for a better design. 

Emojis have become one of the best forms of communication. Emojis play an important role in boosting interaction. The right emoji design can help to attract better responses and attraction.

Furthermore, they are also one great mode of lightening the mood and improving the underlying feelings. Emojis are here to stay. 

In the coming days, the emoji design will speed up. These are everywhere and can help create unique designs. Designers will be focusing on making imaginative and creative designs. 

- Abstract Psychedelia

Psychedelia is the key to art and music. It has been used since the 60s. Psychedelia is often associated with creative imaginations and hallucinations. Abstract psychedelic art is one of the best design trends. 

Graphic designers will bring back psychedelic designs with excessive color usage. The intricate abstractions would eventually help to bring out the best art for digital trends.

The psychedelic designs have a trend of their own and can bring out the best. Although complex, neon colors would further prove to be one of the best design trends to look forward to in the coming year. 

- Symbol Revival

Will symbols make their comeback as a graphic design trend? Designs have a crucial role to play. Colored bars and shapes can eventually enhance the overall impact. Symbols have universality. 

According to experts, the digital trends will now comprise recognizable symbols association. Several designers bring out the combination of virtual and modern art with stars and icons.

The graphic design trend will include the reshaping and coming back of classic symbols. 

- Optical Illusion Design

The right design can hold the attention of your customers. It will further keep your visitors busy. The optical illusion has come a long way and can be potential designs. Optical illusion design is here to say in 2022. 

If your brand is related to movement and spirituality, you can bring about optical illusion design trends. Moreover, it is likely to fix in the memory of the users and add to the wow factor.

The optical illusions require more focus. It is addictive. It is necessary to create illusions the right way. 

- Seamless Surrealism

Surrealism refers to the unique imagery created in our minds. However, due to surrealism, many people tend to forget about realism. Surrealism, combined with realism, can bring out the perfect design trends. 

Graphic designers may use anxiety to create surreal designs. The illusions are seamless and can eventually jump perfectly from one image to another.

With the help of seamless surrealism, strange impacts are likely to come together. The trend may eventually find image-focused sectors like album art, book covers, and posters. 

The graphic designers will be focusing on the authentic representation of seamless surrealism to bring out the best. 

- Simple Data Visualizations

The main aim of data visualization is to simplify complex designs. However, data visualization without much context and complexity will only help to enhance the impact. Simplified data visualizations help to explain the context without using much content. 

The graphic designers are focused on style over substance to bring a proper social media balance. Twitter marketing and Facebook marketing can appeal to the audience with simple visualizations.

It also helps to represent the growth percentage. The graphic designers will be focusing on simplifying complex data. Visualizations will make your audience keep learning about it. 

- Geometric Shapes are Everywhere

The graphic design trends of will see a massive rise in geometric shapes for brands. The designers focused on using abstract designs the previous year, but this year, the designers are likely to be interested in geometric shapes. 

However, compared to strict geometric shapes, it is necessary to use hard-edged geometric shapes. These geometric shapes are easy to create, so the designers might focus on bringing complex designs. One small shift will eventually help to maintain consistency and can fit the structure really well. 

Several platforms allow you to create geometric shapes. Several brands have been implementing these geometric shapes, and it is eventually becoming a part of their identity. 

- Custom Cartoon Illustrations in Design

Custom illustrations have become one of the best ways to stand out from generic websites. The cartoon illustrations can help to bring about a clean digital look while maintaining minimalism.

Cartoon illustrations never go wrong, which is why you need to focus on custom cartoon characters. 

The designed format will help to maintain visibility and adaptability. This further ensures playfulness and also caters to the changing needs of the audience. Custom cartoon illustrations are the best for branding.

You can use these custom cartoon illustrations for your branding and introduce them as your website’s character. Furthermore, it should also be a part of your posters, business cards, and presentation materials to stand out from the crowd. 

- Voxel Art Design

Voxel art design refers to the 3D cube design. You may already be familiar with it through games like Minecraft, but it is moving up in the fashion charts.

Although it has a childish touch, it is unique and straightforward. The voxel art design is likely to take up the graphic design trends


1. What is the future graphic design?
- The future of graphic design will likely involve a blend of digital and immersive experiences, incorporating augmented reality, 3D design, and interactive elements to create engaging visual content.

2. What are the trends for Gen Z art?
- Gen Z art trends include a focus on authenticity, social and environmental activism, digital illustration, and a preference for minimalist and retro design aesthetics.


Graphic design trends are constantly changing. As graphic designers, it is necessary to stay updated with the trends to bring out the best for brands. A unique graphic design trend will eventually cater to the needs of the audience.

These graphic design trends will surely live up to the expectations and cater to brands’ requirements. 

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Do let us know if you’ve any comments or points we missed.

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