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Introduction To XP-Pen Blog Page

Hello people of the world
Hope you all are feeling great!

In under 3 years, we’ve grown the XP-Pen community in India to over 100,000 users, each giving us more love and affection that the other.

We want this small but growing community of ours to represent something meaningful. We want to create a conversation around topics that matter to you and help you become a better professional.

We want to share more stories about you and understand what gets you going. We want to share the love you’ve showered us with and thank you for it.

And so starting today, we’ll be publishing stories and content here regularly. We hope you find it engaging, relevant and inspiring 🙂

Here’s what you can expect

Love for Art

We believe Art is not reserved for the few, it is a way of expression for all. Art and Artists have been responsible for the evolution of our society since the start of time. The same holds true today – Art is driving important conversation on topics that matters. The freedom of expression Artists strive to champion has become a driving force for change.

And we support this movement wholeheartedly. To empower and enable artists and conversations is part of our DNA.

We look forward to sharing with you the latest developments and news from the world of the Creative Arts.

Online Teaching Tips & Tricks

A shift towards digital technology adoption is inevitable. Even in fields like education and business, digital modes of communication and interaction have become the norm.

We look forward to empowering this digital transformation and will be sharing best practices to help improve performance for you. This has a wide-ranging impact – from Online teaching to Creating digital signatures and Making presentations online.


There’s plenty to be grateful for, even if we might struggle to see it at all times. We hope to be a beacon of this positivity and inspire you to do better, create better and be better.

Watch this space for your regular dose of inspiration!

Telling stories

We believe in the power of story-telling. We’ll be handpicking inspiring, fun and insightful stories from individuals and bringing them to you regularly.

So, over the period of time, as we gel up well we would be telling you stories about various Artists. At times even random stories that’ll add value or stories that you want to read.

How-to Guides for Help

An integral part of this community will be to answer your queries. We understand that many of you can have questions on how better to use your products, how to improve effectiveness and efficiency and how to create better. We’ll be posting answers to the most common questions via articles here so we can enable you to be the best version of yourself.


Last but not the least, if we are going to write and talk without holding back we would need your support. Every time you want us to talk about something, discuss certain things, feel free to comment below or email us at We will answer or help you out with your queries, as often as we can and in the best possible way.

Also, subscribe to the newsletter using the form below, and we’ll make sure you get the latest developments in the XP-Pen community.

Secure your seatbelts. This ride is about to get a lot more fun!

Until next time,


XP-Pen India

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