7 Best Free Websites To Create Your First Design Portfolio

If you are a professional designer who loves to create designs on a graphic tablet or a pen tablet, you must showcase your artwork by creating your design portfolio on different platforms and websites, so that your creations go across as many eyeballs as possible.

It will not only help you get recognition as an established graphic designer but will help you get more work assignments and earn more.

Regardless of the device you use to create your designs, if you wish to display your artwork to the world, you should start with creating your first design portfolio on free portfolio websites.

Free Websites For First Design Portfolio

An online design portfolio or digital design portfolio is a collection of your design work that exhibits your expertise, abilities, and area of work.

Apart from displaying your designs, an online design portfolio also spotlights your education, academics, and certificates. Many online platforms and websites allow designers to showcase their work through their portfolios at no cost.

Being a newbie to the design world, if you find it difficult to get a free website where you can create your first design portfolio, we will help you with the list of free websites for your first design portfolio. 


If you are a web designer or an illustrator who elucidates concepts by providing a visual representation using a graphic tablet, you can create an account on Behance and start uploading your designs and work.

It is a popular social media platform intended for photographers, UI/UX designers, web designers, and Illustrators. Other users of this digital platform will leave comments, feedback, and suggestions on your artwork.

If your creatives get ample votes, they will be displayed on the home page where they can grab millions of eyeballs.


If you have just started your career as a designer who creates artworks on a drawing tablet, Crevado is one of the easiest platforms for you to create a design portfolio.

Its drag-and-drop facility makes it easy for professionals to upload their designs and rearrange them in the manner they want. The platform is compatible with every type of device, it allows your design portfolio to be viewed on desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

The best thing about this website is it allows you to customise your designs as per your preference without having coding skills.


Coroflot is a website intended for a creative job posting that acts as a bridge between employees and creative professionals.


Apart from designers, this platform showcases the creative work of fashion designers, 3D-modelling artists and architects. The website allows professionals to create and host their portfolios for free so that other members can see their art.

There can be potential employers who might assess your expertise with a pen tablet to hire you for their projects. 


Pixpa is known as an inclusive platform suitable for web designers, graphic designers and small business owners. It allows the creation of e-commerce websites, blogging websites and product gallery websites.


Pixpa includes almost everything a professional designer needs to demonstrate your work and sell your designs without having knowledge of programming.

If you create web designs using a digital graphic tablet, then it is the ideal platform to put your web designs on sale and get the value they deserve. 


Besides being a digital platform to showcase your work, Dribble is a worldwide community of designers.

On this website, you can upload your work and tell the users about it in brief so other designers and professionals can give their feedback and suggestions for betterment in future.

Apart from that, leading design companies post jobs on the website where designers can apply for the jobs with their work samples and portfolio.

Additionally, you can upload your artwork created using a drawing tablet or desktop, so that other designers and members of the community upvote your creation.

Adobe Portfolio

Adobe portfolio is a perfect digital platform for beginners to showcase their work. It allows the creation of easy and responsive one-page sites, landing pages, home pages and business e-cards.


Moreover, easy-to-customise themes are the most appealing way to showcase their work and designs without having knowledge of programming. The best thing about Adobe Portfolio is that it is intended to fit all sorts of creative fields.

Whether you create an illustration through a pen tablet or make a graphic design on a graphic tablet, you can easily put it to display on the portfolio.


PortfolioBox is an online portfolio builder website that enables professionals and non-professionals to create and host their digital portfolios.

It offers a range of design templates that you can combine with your designs and components that you have created on your drawing tablet, to create your portfolio on the website.

If you are a beginner in the field of photography, designing, drawing, sketching, illustration or 3D modelling, here you will get all the essential assistance to create an attractive and appealing design portfolio. 

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1. What are the 5 types of portfolio?
- Financial Portfolio (investments), Creative Portfolio (art, design, writing), Career Portfolio (professional achievements), Student Portfolio (academic work), Personal Portfolio (hobbies, interests).

2. How to start a portfolio?

- To start a portfolio, gather and organize relevant work or assets, create a clear structure, and consider the platform or format (e.g., physical or digital). Tailor it to your goals, whether for showcasing skills, seeking employment, or managing investments.

3. What is the 3 portfolio rule?
- The "3 portfolio rule" typically refers to diversifying investments across three asset classes: stocks, bonds, and cash equivalents. This strategy aims to balance risk and return in a financial portfolio.