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5 Stereotypes About Artist That Are Hard To Avoid

The other day one of our acquaintances who also happens to be an artist was sitting in a coffee shop smiling. On enquiring, he narrated an incident that led us to our blog topic

He told us that he had submitted his work for an exhibition. After months of waiting his work got selected and he was called for a meeting. The minute he walked in the meeting, everyone asked for the “artist”.

Confused, he informed them that he had indeed created those art-works. They did not believe him until he showed them a video of him creating the Art-works.

With laughter dancing in his eyes, he told us that almost everyone said that the depth in the Artwork made everyone think that he would be a very “Artistic looking” guy and not someone in formals.

As we think about it, we cannot disagree. Almost every career comes with a set of stereotypes and if you’re an artist there’s no end to it. Here are the 5 most common stereotypes that every artist has come across

Stereotype #1 – Artists live in a dream world

Art provides artists a place where they can vividly create the future or past without risk. When the mind wanders around it blooms with creativity.

Artists do not live in a dream world, they create a dream world of their own. Wouldn’t you want to escape the harsh reality for once?
We think Art in general, makes us aware. So the “dream world” is non-existent.

Stereotype #2 – You are an artist you must be a “Perfectionist”

Sorry to break this to you but no one is perfect, not even Aamir Khan.

Artists have vulnerability just like everyone else. To go out and openly show your art takes a lot of courage. An art-piece is a reflection in the mind of an artist. By openly publishing the Art and artist allows judgments and criticism to be formed. Ultimately, we all are humans with insecurities, artist, or not.

Stereotype #3 -You are an artist, right? Do you even earn well?

The starving artist is a popular stereotype though we don’t understand why!.

Sure, there’s some struggle involved but isn’t that the case in almost all fields initially? And not everyone is looking to build a mansion. The priorities are different for different people.   

Yes, as an artist, you take a little or sometimes a lot more time than others to have a stable income but it’s a choice one makes.

Stereotype #4 – An artist you say, you must have a depressing past!

Well, you could only blame Bollywood for this one. If any filmmaker is reading this (high hopes, we know but why not?) please make a film about an artist with a happy past.

When you let your creativity explore, it moves to places where normally you would not. And when you think from a perspective different than the “norms”, your creativity is questioned.

People even go far ahead to say, “Depression tends to unlock creativity, then destroy it after a time.”

Stereotype #5 – You are an artist, why aren’t you dressed like one?

Because nobody told me about the dress code 😛

Crazy looking, mismatched clothes with a lot of tattoos or piercing are what everyone expects an artist to look like. If at all they see an artist dressed in formals they start doubting your creativity! There are even a few articles on “How to dress like an artist”(like seriously?).

What everyone forgets is that despite everything we are humans first then an artist.  When we as a society create a stereotype, we unknowingly are creating a box or a boundary.

Why put yourself or anyone else in a box when there is the entire universe to explore(mic drop)!

So, what do you think of stereotypes in general? Have you face any (we’re sure you have),  Let us know in the comments below, let us talk about it!

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