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10 Things Artists Are Tired Of Hearing

Being an artist is hard and not only because of creative blocks and lack of good work opportunities but also because you have to deal with some really annoying questions and stereotypes.

Below are some of the most annoying ones we came across. If you think we missed out on any, feel free to mention them in the comments box.

Will You Draw Me?

Will you pay me?

Art Is A Hobby, Not A Profession

Is interfering in other’s business counted as a hobby or profession?

Do All Artist Do Drugs?

How else do you think we can answer all these questions??

I have a project for you, the pay isn’t great but you’ll get a lot of exposure

Last time I tried paying my bills through exposure, but couldn’t

You’re an artist? You look so normal

Oh wait! I forgot to wear my uniform

Any traumatic emotional experience that made you an artist?

Can you stop watching those movies please?

Hey, even I can use Photoshop

Hey wow, that’s the only thing needed to be a designer

It’ll look better if you would just change …

Mah Art Mah Rules

You’re Lucky to Have Artistic Talent

Yeah! Staying up till 2 a.m working is nowhere related to hardwork. It’s all luck

Are you depressed?

Well, no jokes or sarcasm here. Depression is a serious issue and shouldn’t be used casually. Some artists just like to draw gloomy things, doesn’t mean they’re suffering.

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