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XP-Pen Stylus, intelligent design smooth line, outstanding color help you paint the whole world and draw all interesting things Comfortable and natural design, just for you

P01 Stylus

P03 Stylus

P05 Stylus

P05R Stylus

P05D Stylus

PA1 Stylus

PA2 Stylus

XP Pen Stylus Pen PH03 2

PH03 Stylus

PH2 Stylus


1. How do I charge my XP stylus pen?

All XP-Pen styluses are battery free and do not require any sort of charging

2. Which other brands XP Pen Styluses are compatible with?

XP-Pen styluses are not compatible with any other brand. They can be used only with the tablets they come with.

3. I have a pretty small hand. Will XP Pen Styluses be comfortable for me?

All the XP-Pen styluses are designed in a way which makes it comfortable for hands of all sizes.

4. My stylus starts writing even when I'm just hovering. How can I solve this problem?

Kindly raise a ticket on and our support team shall help you out.

For a more comprehensive list of FAQ’s, click here:

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