XP-Pen drawing accessories, design with XP-Pen cooperate well and easy to bring help you assimilate into drawing world to be surprise it doesn’t limit in one device as what we pursuit is its universal and special

AC 01 Drawing Glove

AC 48 Black Protective Case

SPE40 3-in-1 Cable

ACJ01 Protective Case


Artist 15.6 Pro Screen Guard


Artist 22R Pro Screen Guard


USB Cable for Deco 01 V2/ Deco 03/ Deco Mini 4/ Deco Mini 7

AC 04 Nibs Pack

AC 40 Nibs Pack

AC 60 Nibs Pack

Star 03 Scratch Guard

Deco 01 V2 Scratch Guard

Deco 03 Scratch Guard

Artist 12 Pro Screen Guard

Artist 13.3 Pro Screen Guard

Deco Pro Small Scratch Guard

Deco Pro Medium Scratch Guard


Artist 24 Pro Screen Guard


USB Cable for Star 03

AC 18 Adjustable Metal Stand


1. Can we use Drawing Glove on paper Sketch?

Yes, you can if you think your palm gets too sweaty. The drawing glove is basically used so the sweating of your palm doesn’t affect your artwork.

2. How long does 1 nib last for?

1 nib usually lasts for about 250 to 400 hours depending on the usage.

3. How will AC 48 Protective Case help me while traveling to keep my Tablet Safe?

Our protective case is made with a soft cotton twill, lined with a comfortable plush, and secured with a sturdy zipper closure. Offering secure protection and cozy storage for your favorite tablet.

4. What are the sizes of AC48 and ACJ01 protective cases

AC 48 measures 377x232mm and perfectly fits the XP-Pen Deco Series Tablets, the Artist 12, and is suitable for other tablets 12 inches or less. Whereas, ACJ01 measures 475 x 290 x 25 mm in size, allowing enough room not only for your graphics display, laptop, notebook, Ultrabook or tablet but also anything else you might need. It is suitable for all displays up to 15.6 inches.

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